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10 New Camping Gadgets That’ll Make Your Trip A Total Breeze!

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We all dream of going on a luxurious getaway but that cannot happen every month, right? Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth and have a business tycoon for a father, then you do you, girl. People like me get some satisfaction when we venture out on rugged terrains, adventure into the unknown, and explore nature. Whenever I am fed up of city life, I go on a camping trip to reboot my system. What could be better than a barbecue near the lake, under a starry night, with a drink in my hand?

Well, now it will be better! As joining your regular camping gear are these 10 cool gadgets that will make your next trip a breeze. You can wait for these rains to stop or go for monsoon camping, which is quite a blast too! Plus, you can totally show off these babies to your friends, who keep ditching you on these camping trips!


1. Fugoo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

These speakers are waterproof up to 3 feet under water, and sand-proof and snow-proof (just saying). That makes it the ideal buy when you want to listen to some music and chill by the camp fire. And the best part is that it has a battery life of about 40 hours, which is a relief.


2. Icemule Coolers

Keep your drinks cold for a long time in this ice bag backpack that makes sure ice doesn’t melt anytime soon. Light in weight and easy to carry, camping just became more fun!


3. LuminAID PackLite Spectra Lantern

Believe it or not but this is a portable lantern that you can carry anywhere and everywhere. You need sunlight to charge it and once fully charged, it will last you the entire night.


4. Tsunami Portable Coffee Maker

This portable coffee maker is pure bliss! You can now make smoothies, protein shakes, or coffee in an instant with this gadget. All you have to do is keep the batteries charged and you’ll be happily caffeinated for a long time!


5. iON Camera Snapcam

This cute camera takes pictures and videos just with one swipe. Hassle-free and very easy to use, it connects to your smartphones automatically so you can transfer the images on social media without wasting time!


6. VSSL Flask Light

One thing that is an essential while camping is a flashlight. But this isn’t a normal flashlight. It comes with two shot glasses and a small storage container, which is perfect to keep your favourite drink safe!


7. Biolite Kettle Charge

Apart from heating water, this kettle also doubles up as a charger. So when the battery of your mobile dies and you’ve maybe forgotten to pack your portable charger, heat water and charge your device!


8. Scrubba Wash Bag

Termed as a portable washing machine, this wash bag has inbuilt nodules that wash clothes as good as a washing machine does! Fill the bag with water, put your clothes in, add the detergent and give it a rub. Your clothes will be as fresh as new with just one wash!


9. Biolite Portable Grill

There is no fun in camping without some tasty barbecue! To make that easy, invest in this portable grill that will help you make delicious food wherever you go!


10. Matador Pocket Blanket

A blanket that fits in your pocket? Whaaat? Every time you go for a picnic or a camp, just carry this with portable gadget with you instead of those  space-consuming sheets and blankets.


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