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Taking My Bra Off At The End Of The Day Is Not Just Relaxing But Also A Ritual. You’ll Relate

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Every girl on this planet has a love-hate relationship with bras. We can’t live with them and we certainly can’t live without them. We treat our bras the way most guys treat us, lol. But the thing is, whether we accept it or not bras are highly uncomfortable, the underwire pokes at you and the pads don’t ever sit in place (seriously, what is with that?) So, I went to a fancy ass lingerie store a few months ago, I was feeling rich and I was in desperate need of new lingerie. This is the kind of place where the changing rooms look like there could have some BDSM porn shot there. And everything is so lacy, you get itchy just looking at it. Anyway, the store assistant told me I had been wearing the wrong bra size all my life. This is just one of the very few examples of the annoying little problems bras cause us on a day-to-day basis, but I’m sure just like me you have too begrudgingly been through them all!

If it isn’t clear yet, I don’t really care for bras. They symbolise everything I hate in this world, there are restrictive, complicated and the worst of all, super uncomfortable (maybe because I was wearing the wrong size?). Look I’m not saying, I want to stop wearing bras because I understand the importance of keeping the babies in their houses but why can’t they just be a wee bit friendlier towards us? After all these years of suffering through the discomfort, I am so sure it was a man who invented bras.

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I’ll tell you’ll something else too, do you know after a long tiring day some people just want to go home hop into a hot bath or pop open a cold beer and sit in front of the TV? All I want to do is remove my bra, it’s like an incentive for me. For some girls, the removal of the bra, is just thing they do before sleeping. If you sleep with a bra on, who are you? But for me, it has become sort of a ritual that marks the end of my day. I know after that thing is off my body I am not going anywhere except for bed even if hell freezes over. Okay not that extreme, but you get the idea.

A bra is like that annoying little cousin your mom forces you to play hide and seek with but all you want is to be left alone, do you know what I mean? But like I said in the beginning as much as you wish, you can’t really ditch bras altogether and as irritating as they are, they help our bodies. I mean, without bras my tits would be having conversations with the ants on the floor. They give our bodies shape and make all our clothes look and fit better and not to mention some of them are crazy faithful. So, friend or enemy? I have been asking myself that question every day!

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