9 Times Rega Jha Was The Girl Boss We All Want To Be

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Of the many people I follow on Instagram, my favourite has to be Buzzfeed India’s Editor-in-Chief, Rega Jha. Oops. I mean, ex-Editor-in-Chief. Never thought it would hurt to write that sentence. I’ve never met her. Never spoken to her. Hell, I’ve never even seen her IRL. But still, I felt a connection with her through her posts.

And that’s the magic that is Rega Jha.

She held the reins of Buzzfeed India at the age of 22. Just 22. And since then, with the help of an amazing team, she built the brand that has become a favourite with not just millennials, but almost all Indians on the Internet.

But more than being the boss lady, she turned out to be a millennial with responsibility. She made millions fall in love with the content she created. She made them fall in love with her as they sat (some even aimlessly) behind their smartphones. Like I said — magic.

Her social media posts are motivational, but oh-so real. Never failing to express her honest opinions, speaking her mind, and being unapologetic about who she is. Teaching many others to do the same.

We laughed with her. We cried when we needed to. And we got angry every time a woman was disrespected.

Even though she has stepped down from her professional role, her personal ambitions will keep motivating every woman who will ever read her words. Thank you, Rega Jha, for existing.

Here are just 9 such times that made us pat ourselves on the back for choosing an amazing role model!



A proud feminist who makes it easy to be one.



When she reminded us that we need to truly love ourselves.



Repeat. And then repeat it again.



Start aspiring to become delicate, and stop worrying about being strong. Did anyone ever put it so perfectly?



Seriously! Having body hair is so, so normal!



We would watch this version.



Letting the men breathe a little.



Come on, tell us?


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