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Reader’s Pick: Get, Set ‘Gramming!

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As you probably can tell, we are mighty excited about turning 1. And since it’s you, our readers, who have stood by us this past year, we’ve decided to make you our editors for the week! So every day, our readers will share with us a #HauteFavourite — from Instagram accounts to books! Your favourite picks, brought to you by you!

Do you wonder who we’re always stalking on social media? (read: Instagram of course!) The #HauteSquad went all out to find out the hautest ‘gram accounts our readers consistently follow for their daily dose of style, beauty, gossip, and leisure. So make your ‘gramming au courant by catching up on these Instagrammers along with your BFF, Hauterfly!


anisha kanungo_that boho girl_hauterfly

Follows: thatbohogirl by Krittika Khurana

Why: “Anyone with good taste in fashion attracts me. I started following thatbohogirl for the same reason. I love her sense of style, to the extent that sometimes I just order what she’s wearing on ‘gram. She has inspired me to try out unconventional styles and to take care of my body. Playing with colours is my current style mantra.”

Anisha Kanungo, 21, Intern — NDTV Good Times



fizza phillips_pinkvilla_hauterfly

Follows: Pinkvilla

Why: “Following Bollywood gossip and fashion is a part of my job. So Pinkvilla is one of the first accounts I ‘gram when I reach work every morning to check what Bollywood has been wearing. They’re up-to-date and you get everything related to Bollywood under one roof, with good images.”

Fizza Phillips,  24, PR Professional


suneha_ugly produce is beautiful_hauterfly

Follows: Ugly Produce Is Beautiful

Why: “I love how something as simple as vegetables and fruits are turned into pieces of art. I’d love to create something like this one day for my account.”

 Suneha Narang, 29, Co-founder & Designer, Boutique Jalouze



  anisha_akanksha redhu_hauterfly

Follows: Akanksha Redhu

Why: “Her style is a great mix of classy and edgy! I like that she doesn’t play it too safe, and keeps things interesting; that’s what I look forward to seeing on my Instagram feed. Without being too loud, her style is very relatable for any girl who loves the ‘everyday fashion’ vibe, but with a stylish tone. Plus, she has some great fashion advice and beauty tips to give!”

Anisha Suvarna, 23, Doctor

anju kumar_Boss babe_Hauterfly

Follows: BossBabe Inc

Why: “One of those feel-good Instagram pages, is a pleasant inspiration and reminder that women CAN and most definitely are taking over the world. All hail #WomenPower. It’s also a great reflection of my recent fave read #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. This page is something I feel every girl should follow. It gives you that instant motivation you need on a down day!”

— Anju Kumar, 24, Engineer


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