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Pope Francis Says Sex And Food Are Divine Pleasures Sent By God And It Isn’t Sinful To Indulge. We Say Amen To That!

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Having studied both philosophy and law, I tend to hold very strong opinions about separation of religion and God, and can argue them quite well too. Unfortunately, our society has been created in a way that the difference between the two has been carefully erased. As a result, everything prescribed by a particular religion is reflexively believed by its followers to be the word of God. And this faith in the Almighty has often been exploited by religious zealots to brainwash the masses into believing that some things are right and some, wrong. For example, sex has, in several major religions of today, if often considered sinful unless performed in certain acceptable situations, such as post marriage or for the purpose of procreation. But Pope Francis would like you to know that eating and having sex are not cardinal sins, thank God!

His Holiness was being interviewed by Italian writer Carlo Petrini, who has previously published several conversations with the Holy See and is now writing a new book, titled TerraFutura: Conversations With Pope Francis on Integral Ecology (English working title). According to the New York Post, the Supreme Pontiff told him that food and sex, amongst other similar delights, were gifts from God. And perhaps, it is because of “overzealous morality” of church leaders that we might’ve come to think of them as sins.

“Pleasure arrives directly from God. It is neither Catholic nor Christian nor anything else; it is simply divine. The pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure come from God. The pleasure of eating is there to keep you healthy by eating, just like sexual pleasure is there to make love more beautiful and guarantee the perpetuation of the species.”

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Does that not feel like music to your ears, when it comes from the heart of Christendom itself? When a religious leader of his stature tells its followers that they must indulge in pleasures because really, they are a gift from the divine itself? Haven’t we wondered, why would we even have these pleasures which make us feel so good in the first place, had God not intended us to have them?

However, when it comes to food, Pope Francis’ message comes with a message, reminding us that the way we see food today isn’t the right way to partake in this God’s gift. As long as you’re not over-stuffing yourself with the food, making it more extravagant than it needs to be, and of course, wasting it while the world adjacent to yours starves, it is fine.

“Today we’re seeing a certain degeneration regarding food … I’m thinking about those lunches and dinners with countless courses where you come away stuffed, often without pleasure, only quantity. That way of doing things is an expression of ego and individualism, because at the heart of it is food for the sake of food, not relationships with other people, for which food is a means. On the other hand, where there’s a capacity to keep other people at the center, then eating is the supreme act that favors conviviality and friendship, which creates the conditions for the birth and the maintenance of good relationships and which acts as a way of transmitting values.”

Pope Francis, however, insists that if you want to talk about sins, the Holy Father insists there are other, more pressing ones that you might like to refrain from, like, deforestation, unsustainability and so no. And we’d say Amen to that!

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