Pakistan’s Punjab Province To Impose “Emergency” Due To Rise In Rape Cases Against Women And Children

Pakistan’s Punjab Province To Impose “Emergency” Due To Rise In Rape Cases Against Women And Children

I feel like no matter the country, women are never completely safe anywhere. There are always predators out there, lurking for their next prey. And moreover, women and children are the most vulnerable part of society. And whenever atrocities happen, they are the first two groups to get affected. So much so that, Pakistan has had to announce an “emergency” because of the increase in sexual abuse amongst women and children.

Following an increase in allegations of sexual abuse involving women and children, officials in Pakistan’s Punjab province have declared an “emergency.” According to Punjab Home Minister Atta Tarar, the administration was compelled to declare an emergency to handle the increasing rape cases on Sunday. According to the minister, the dramatic rise in occurrences of sex assault toward women and children in the region is a serious concern for society and government officials.

The provincial minister reportedly said that four to five rape cases are recorded every day in Punjab, prompting the government to seek specific measures to address cases of sexual harassment, assault, and coercion. Under the presence of Law Minister Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan, the minister emphasised that all cases will be assessed by the Cabinet Committee on Rape and Law and Order and that women’s rights organisations, teachers, civil society, and attorneys will also be contacted to keep such incidents in check. 

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Tarar also asked parents to educate their children on the value of safety and to not leave them alone in their homes without monitoring. Tarar added that the accused in several cases had been arrested, that the government had initiated an anti-rape campaign, and that children would be educated about sexual harassment in schools.

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Reports say that the home minister also stated that the role of the Punjab Forensic Science Agency will be expanded to allow for faster DNA sampling, and a meeting with lab officials was scheduled for later Monday. In answer to a question, the minister expressed sorrow that drug use had become fashionable in prestigious schools and universities, contributing to an increase in crime rates.

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