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Mumbai Police Holds Counselling Sessions To Ensure No Case Of Sexual Violence Goes Unreported. This Is A Great Initiative!

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Back in 2012, when the infamous Nirbhaya Rape case had us shaking down to our bones and bringing the entire nation out to the streets, for a fleeting moment, we were hopeful.  After witnessing what the nation had witnessed, crimes and sexual violence against women would either be prevented or the consequences now stricter would scare the perpetrators, we  thought.  Except since 2012, the number in cases of violence has only gradually increased, and this is after many sexual assault crimes don’t even get reported.

According to several studies over several years, government data has revealed that almost 99% of sexual violence cases in India are left unreported, considering most of the times these perpetrators are known to the victim. According to Wikipedia, 94.2% of the cases had the crime committed by someone know to the victim. Given these statistics, Mumbai police is going to be holding counselling meetings in slum colonies, to make sure that cases from these areas on sexual violence don’t go unreported. This is a great initiative.

All the police stations in the northern suburbs of Mumbai city have been hosting these meetings to ensure that all crimes are reported from areas where women are more vulnerable, yet have less access to authorities. Reports share that close to 86 meetings have been held since the last Monday, out of the 152 slum colonies that are present in the area.

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Dilip Sawant, the Additional Commissioner of Police (North Region) commented on the matter and shared, “To ensure that no case of sexual assault goes unreported, we have come up with a strategy to reach out more to slum colonies, make a list of habitual offenders and teach children the difference between good and bad touch.”

With fewer people to turn to for help, women and children are at a greater risk of falling victim to enraged perpetrators, more than ever. And so, such patrolling, canvassing and meetings where cases can be reported with a guarantee of effort from the police is a a huge sigh of relief. Sexual violence is rampant and when victims are shown that the police is accessible, it could really help.

A police officer said, “In our experience, if a relative is involved in some such offence, families are hesitant to complain against them. We are trying to assure that they do not need to fear anyone.” And while it may take time to break through that conventional mindset that has been conditioned into silence, it is a start. Meanwhile, another official shared. “While so far, no specific complaint has come forward that would result in an FIR, we have made a list of 63 people, who were found to be habitual sexual offenders in the last 10 years. We have taken preventive action against these people, so that they know that the police have an eye on them.”

Here is hoping that these efforts don’t just pay off in recognising a sex offender, but also in preventing these sexual violence crimes altogether by spreading awareness how vigilant the police and authorities are going to be now for protecting women and children.

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