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Kerala Police Bust Spouse-Swapping Sex Racket That Operated Through Social Media Groups, 7 Arrested

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The brutality of crimes against women is worsening day by day. As much as we’d like to believe that things are changing, some or other news comes up about a crime that is even more disgusting. Remember the ongoing Bulli Bai app case? And as though that is not enough, the Kerala police unearthed a sex racket case that included wife-swapping, threesomes, cuckolding, and unnatural sex after a woman filed a complaint stating that she was one of the victims. Yep, and now they have arrested one man and taken another six people into custody in the sex racket case that involves spouse-swapping.

Karukachal district police arrested a man and took six other people in custody for being a part of a wife-swapping sex racket. The police acted on a complaint filed by a 26-year-old woman from Pathanad village in Kottayam district. In her complaint, the woman alleged that her 32-year-old husband used to force her to have sex with four others and even indulge in unnatural sex, for money. As soon as the police filed the complaint, they started the hunt for the accused with the help of Cyber Cell. 

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According to the police, there are social media groups that indulged in wife-swapping, cuckolding, threesomes, and unnatural sex. The social media platforms that these groups operated from were Messenger, Telegram, and Facebook. 

While some of the women in these groups were okay with it, there were others who were getting forced into it. One of them was the woman from Pathanad village who filed the complaint with the police. 

The reports suggest that the probe by the police led them to the woman’s husband that they recently arrested. They arrested him for presenting his wife before his social media friends. In fact, the Karukachal police also registered five other cases that were connected to this sex racket case.

The police suspect the role of a well-established sex racket behind these activities. In fact, their probe has led them to believe that the members of these groups use social media platforms to discuss how to operate mutual swapping of wives. 

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CI of Karukachal said regarding the sex racket case, “The woman was disturbed and confessed that she couldn’t survive.” He further added, “Many wives who are forced into this against their wishes are showing suicidal tendencies and so we need to investigate with extreme care. Almost 90% of the women are not comfortable with it, they are brainwashed into this.”

The police even found that there are educated professionals like doctors, lawyers, etc. who are members of these social media groups. And that some of these groups had more than 5000 members that are very active on them.

Honestly, the deeper the police are digging into this, the more cases of women who are traumatised by this are coming out. It is so sad that neither in the real world nor in the reel world are women safe. 

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