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In Indonesia, A Nurse Was Suspended After She And A COVID Positive Man Had Sex In A Hospital Toilet. WTF Even?

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Do you know what really baffles me? The fact that even after we’ve had such an incredibly difficult year because of the coronavirus, there is no dearth of idiotic people who fail to grasp the seriousness of the situation. We have heard of one bizarre incident after the other of people flouting COVID precautions and protocols. However, the incident we are discussing today really takes the cake. A nurse in Indonesia was caught having sex with a man who was COVID positive, in the hospital’s bathroom. What the fuck even? 

A man from Jakarta, Indonesia, who tested positive for coronavirus had sex with a nurse in the hospital toilet. All of this came to light after he posted the gory details of their encounter on social media. The nurse has been suspended (surprise, surprise) and both of them have been kept in isolation. For their sake and everyone else’s, I hope they are being quarantined separately.  

After the man uploaded a screenshot of his chat with the nurse in question on social media, the post went viral. Both admitted that they met to have sex in a toilet at the Wisma Atlet quarantine facility in Jakarta. Not only that, The Sun reported that the nurse allegedly stripped off her PPE suit before they did it. FFS, keep it in your pants. Also, am I the only one who laughed at this entire incident? Oh come on, a nurse and a corona positive patient had sex in a hospital toilet. It’s like the beginning of a horrible yet hilarious joke. 

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After the post went viral, the Indonesian authorities have brought the man and the nurse up on anti-pornography laws. If convicted, they could face a sentence of 10 years in prison. However, both of them were tested for corona again and while the nurse tested negative, the man remains positive. But that is a no-brainer. 

This incident is so bizarre. Just because 2020 is ending doesn’t mean so is the pandemic. We have to be careful. Wear masks, maintain social distancing and whatever you do, don’t have sex with a frontline worker in a hospital bathroom while you are COVID positive!

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