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In Haryana , 30,000 Girls Made It Alive. This Is Despite The Rampant Illegal Sex Determination During Pregnancy

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Every year, there are a lot of schemes, programmes and initiatives that are launched in the interest of women  but these rarely work and worse, are almost never implemented.  And the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” programme seemed like one of those but it has managed to turn its name around.  Launched in 2015, has been one of those few to make good on their promises, as it recently announced how nearly 30,000 girls have been saved in Haryana from being killed in the womb after determining their sex.

Haryana nodal officer of the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ Programme, Rakesh Gupta shared the good news on Tuesday, as he said that the sex ratio of Haryana had increased from 871 to 922 girls every 1,000 boys between 2014 and 2020. He went on to share that almost 30,000 lives of unborn girls had been saved in this span of six years. Of these 30,000, in the year 2020 8000 such predicted foeticides were avoided.

Rakesh Gupta also talked about their main objective which was to bring a significant decline in the number of female foeticide, which would naturally result in an improved statistic when it comes to evaluating a balanced sex ratio.

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Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar went on to commend Rakesh Gupta and the programme for their efforts as he called it an “outstanding achievement”. He also shared how there were a number of steps that were taken in this period of six years to get the results. From launching large scale awareness programmes to identifying centres that indulge in illegal sex-determination activities abortions, and the going forward to registering FIRs against the offenders, this was a work of careful planning and active coordination.

Their ideal sex ration tot achieve by the year 2021 is 935+ girls every 1000 boys, which the state is affirmative to achieve by the end of this year. The nodal officer Rakesh also shared how this was only possible after the continuous and regular raids that were carried out under PC-PNDT/MTP Act against illegal PNDT and MTP Centres operating within and outside the state.

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