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6 Genius Ways To Trick Yourself Into Drinking A Lot More Water Daily

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How many of us have made drinking AT LEAST eight glasses of water our daily life mission? And how many of us have failed miserably at it? When it comes to downing 5 tequila shots with your BFF, you’re all up for it, but oh man…if you have to drink 4 glasses of water before heading to work, it’s a task!

Hydration is an absolute necessity — the answer to all skincare, haircare, healthcare issues just lies in some (actually, a lot of ) H2O!

Did you know that our body consists of approximately 60% water? That is why you need to keep replenishing the tank whenever you get the chance!

For all the times you sipped on that glass of water like it was a glass of wine…here are 6 ways you can trick your mind  into drinking a whole lot of water EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

How To Trick Your Mind Into Drinking Water_Hauterfly

Trick 1: Make it a drinking game! If you spend a whole lot of time in your office, play never have I ever with your colleagues and drink up whenever you have to. This is a #HauteSquad-approved method to trick you into drinking waaaay more water than you would’ve otherwise!

Trick 2: Get yourself a cute water bottle with a measuring scale (and make sure it’s portable). Make it your daily goal to finish at least one of those bottles (depending on the size) by the end of your lunch break! Trust us when we say a cute bottle will actually push you to drinking more water every day! Plus, you can fill it up again for your commute home from work.

Trick 3: DIY an old bottle with timings. Take an old water bottle and revamp it with cute, little designs. Incorporate a measure on this bottle, that marks the timings of the day. So by noon, you have to finish the water up to the ’12 pm’ mark on your bottle.

Trick 4: If the sound of your alarm isn’t very pleasing to your ears, download a water app that will inform you how much water to drink and when to drink it. Sort of like a FitBit for your water-intake, the app calculates how much water you’ve had throughout the day.

Trick 5: Whenever you go out drinking, or even if you’re having your daily coffee or tea, always make sure you’re balancing it out with a glass of water. The key is to cancel out the dehydrators and keep your hydration on track!

Trick 6: If you’re one of those who doesn’t quite care for the taste of water, this one’s for you. Add a couple of lemon wedges or cucumber slices to your water bottle along with a few mint leaves. Voila! You have a healthy and tasty drink!


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