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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Break out the passport Aries because this week is about making big plans and bigger itineraries. It’s #JetSetGo vibes as you strike a balance between a trip not only serves to bring you relief from the summer haze but also aligns with your goals. Question how you can benefit from this escape, sharing your craft with the people out there being one of them. Keep your eyes open for any opportunities that might call out to you!



#Mindfulness all the way for you this week. There are chances your words or actions could rub people the wrong way: remember it isn’t the intention that matters as much as the impact. While preserving your own self interests is key, selfishness often alienates us from people who only mean well. The best way to cut your losses this week is to cut your words short and rearrange them to better suit the situation.



This week for you is all about toeing the line between the side of yourself that is determined to break past every milestone at the workplace. On the other hand is the need to be at home, to surround yourself with the people who bring you joy even if you’re just watching a match together. For those seeking a partner, sometimes the old cliche of opposites attract really holds true. Perhaps your partner’s opposing energy might bring out the best in you!



Moving past the turbulent energy of the past week or so, you find yourself in a space of contemplation. In taking stock of the pros and cons, it’s always important to take into account the mistakes of the past that tripped you up – the reason you’ve found yourself in this spot. Only when you and your partner are able to sit together and work with each other can you resolve the matter, grow together and be true partners both in terms of love and respect.



Reality checks can be hard but they’re ultimately necessary for us to move out of our comfort zone – most often this occurs at times of complacency or the danger of taking things around us for granted. The solution? Well this week it’s to be found at the bottom of your cup of green tea. Indulge in some soul searching, light an incense stick or two, maybe hit the hills and do some outdoor yoga! Invest in re-energizing your body and mind.



A journey soon begins for you rooted in both the flowing energy of new beginnings and the definitive aspects of learning and education. Whether you chose to be the student or the teacher in this scenario is up to you because you seek to benefit from it both ways. To teach in itself is to learn new things every day allowing yourself to view with naivety. To be the student is to allow new information to broaden your perspective and practical skills.



This week you’re turning up the heat, but in a good way because the summer isn’t doing any favours. Take charge of the conversation, blow your partner away with your wit and then turn on the charm to full power as things shift to the bedroom. Not only with another partner, this is also a time of loving yourself for how you are – too often we’re caught up in instagram ideals and body image issues crop up. This week challenge yourself to wear your most unflattering outfit and watch the magic of simple self-confidence.



You know what they say about idle minds? Well the same holds true for unfinished conversations – they serve as the devil’s playground and everything you’d left unresolved or unaddressed in the past few weeks has returned shinier than ever. Ask yourself this: at what point has the relationship gone from fiery and passionate to toxic? Are you addicted to the person who is hurting you in the long run? They key is in talking things out.



Swap those party shoes for PJ’s this week, it’s all about spending time at home and doing things with the family. There’s a chance this comes at the right time because so often we end up prioritising work too much and forget to be attentive to the ones who are our pillars of support. Take this as a cue to do a pot luck or movie marathon with your siblings and have a fun carefree time.



This is a crucial time for you to think about working on yourself, particularly in the matter of picking up a new skill or qualification. While online courses work just as well, they can make you complacent without the teacher breathing down your neck. However, take this as a personal lesson in perseverance and focused work. Be your own taskmaster as this could open a slew of doors for you to fruitful opportunities.



This week is one of emotional healing, while the constant grind may be getting to you and leave you feeling like it’s too much work and no play mode, it is something that ultimately satisfies you. In the midst of the hustle don’t give up on your goals of pursuing knowledge and learning new skills that would eventually work in tandem with your projects. If you’ve been feeling off track expect to find your groove this week!



You go to the head of the class this week, and being in this position from where you are able to lead others sets you off on a happy high. Use this as a time to nurture ties, bring people together to work as one unit and resolving issues from the same side of the fence. In matters of conflict take a step in their shoes and understand where they are coming from, this is your tool in making them perform better and ultimately achieving the team goals.


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