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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a brand new column with the stylish street-style blogger and tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be writing some exclusive horoscopes for you every week. Check back every Monday for some exclusive insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome.

Keep scrolling to see what the stars have to say about your sign this week:



This Bridget Jones act is getting a little old. Let me decode further. Don’t hold onto your single status just because you encountered a couple of jerks along the way. If there’s something that’s holding you back, it’s your own inhibitions. Oh, the bane of having an overactive imagination! We create troubles that do not exist. You’re literally one step away from manifesting the relationship you’ve dreamed of – and trust me it will blow your mind when it happens. Just remember to be your witty and charming self!



A good question to ask yourself this week is where you stand with regards to money and what is that you really want from your career. Work wise, you’ve got a lot on your plate and for some of you, juggling parallel roles or responsibilities is the real struggle. Start by elimination. If it’s not making you happy or getting you closer to where you’re supposed to be, you don’t need to do it. Working smarter instead of harder may be the solution to bringing in some ka-ching! Something you need to know – It is dissatisfaction that makes us veer into dangerous territories.



Keep you eyes on the prize, Gemini, as long as you’re looking over your shoulders all the while! You’re obviously boss lady at work with both bright ideas and the power to execute them to perfection. The thing about bitches who get work done is that they always face major competition. So think before you reveal your best laid plans and trust your gut if it tells you somebody has vested interests. As a superior at work, it’s also a good idea to be compassionate. If you think somebody is having a bad time, provide them with much needed emotional support.



If everything seems topsy turvy, it probably is. I hate to break this to you: this is going to be one of the most challenging weeks you’ve had to deal with in a while. Your most meticulously laid plans stand the chance of falling apart. Living life with hundred percent responsibility also is about realising that we have attracted all our experiences, pain included. It’s come back to teach you something we didn’t learn the last time around. Treat this as the final lesson!



The last couple of weeks saw you in a state of passivity – somewhat retracing your steps so you could get a new plan in order. But the little miss Leo in you is finally ready to strike again and she won’t let anything come in her way. Sure, there are going to be obstacles, both big and small. At different points in the journey you may feel like you’re in it all alone but once you keep the larger goal in mind, you’ll find within you an invincible strength that will take you through the storm.



Look at that ridiculous grin on your face! I’d really like to have what you’re having, because oh boy is your cup about to runneth over! If there is something you are likely to experience in abundance, it is emotional satisfaction, love and affection. The joy of not having to look outside, because you finally have what you have been yearning for! If home is where the heart is then spend quality time with the family (or soul family) and your sweetheart. Ladies, don’t be surprised if you man exposes his vulnerable side and tries to sweep you off your feet with grand gestures.



Oh, Libra! Where is that sense of balance that defines your very soul? Chances are, you’re going to wake up from a period of reckless indulgence – a period of watching your demons take over – and you’ll want to clean up real fast. But is going the monk way really the answer? Perhaps not. While Zen restoration should be on the top of your list, avoid resorting to extremes. As the favoured child of Venus, you’re the personification of grace, elegance and beauty. This is something to remind yourself as you openly reclaim the power of creativity.



With all your troubles behind you, you were making good progress on the road to Zen. Or at least you thought you were, until the Universe decided to throw a couple of not so pleasant surprises your way. Not to quote eye roll-inducing lines from The Secret, but the power really is in your hand. If, for any reason, you have let it slip away from you, or entrusted it upon another person, focus on reclaiming it. The rest will take care of itself.



You were way ahead of yourself on the plan of world domination, until you had a change of heart. ‘What is the point of anything?’, is a question you repeatedly asked yourself which is the classic case of existential crisis. Treat this as your ‘figuring it out’ time. Yes, a sabbatical is a good idea. Whatever helps you centre yourself. If you’ve been disappointed with the recent chain of events, trust that things are getting ready to turn in your favour. Well, what can I say? The Universe is full of all sorts of surprises.



You seem to have stepped back a little in order to work on calibrating. Always a good thing, just so long as you don’t get too passive. The things is, you’re being offered an entire range of opportunities. Why not make ‘Carpe Diem’ the motto of the day. Work wise, you’re being advised to collaborate; join forces with those you are in synch with. It will give you plenty of opportunities to explore yourself!



The past few weeks have seen you at your creative best, loving and nurturing your pet projects like a devoted mother. And now, when the time has come for your efforts to bear the fruits of labour, it seems as if the Universe is playing dirty games. Another way of look at your predicament? An opportunity to make that final correction! It’s all about perspective, baby. Watch how fortune changes in your favour and puts the moolah exactly where it belongs, aka that Prada fund.



If you’ve had any doubts about where your career is at, the cards are reminding you to embrace your creative genius. It’s the only way to get ahead and channeling creativity is not restricted to the writers and the artists. How can you make the most mundane task feed your soul? That’s a good question to ask yourself this week. Spoiler alert: there’s both immense success and ka-ching coming your way.

Karishma Rajani is a Delhi-based blogger and tarot expert. Follow her on Instagram for more stylish astral insights. You can also get in touch with her for personalised readings.


A gypsy fortune teller at heart, Karishma -- aka Zohra Shanti -- believes that Tarot is the secret language that helps us realise our own power and potential. She currently lives, loves, and works as a writer in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about fashion, art, design, travel, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

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