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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week is one for new experiences, while things may be slow or in fact completely unproductive on the work front and you might be constantly battling creative blocks the air is thick with romantic possibilities. Even if this is a seasonal fling, the spark is undeniably there and brings with it the opportunity to open your heart. Take this week to indulge in the extra side of romance, go watch an opera, do a dessert date, write each other a poem!


There is a fine line between betraying someone and maneuvering a situation to work out in your favour. This week sees you ignite your inner fire and be your unapologetic best especially when it comes to getting what you want. On the work front things are smooth sailing and your commitment to the work is unwavering. You’re channeling your inner boss beast and refuse to quit until you’ve earned your dues!


Moving focus from the personal to the professional this week, there is an opportunity for you to start work on something new and exciting – maybe a new project or a completely new workplace. There are big steps involved going forward from here so, as always, proceed with careful consideration and caution. It’s better to take things slow and easy rather than launch into this headfirst without proper direction.


After clarity of communication and expression of your emotions comes the physical space. The focus for this week is creating a haven for yourself. Even if it’s a small corner in your space, take time out to make it your own. This is where you can channel your energy best and move easily into your creative zone. No cell phones. No computer. Mindfulness is a practice you want to inculcate.


If you’ve been thinking of expanding your horizons take this as your green light to start on that journey! Whether through an online course or learning directly from the master of the field, this is a time of great learning and honing a new skill. With doors of knowledge opening up to you there is also potential for you to apply this to your work and elevate what you do both in quality and perfection.


This week could potentially involve a change of scenery but this travel is less about day drinking at the beach and more about finding yourself. Channel your inner Julia Roberts. You’ve got an eat, pray, love situation at hand. While on this spiritual journey may cross paths with someone who has the higher knowledge you seek, so be open to the new connections coming your way.


See what happens when you push yourself and make small sacrifices for the greater good: the time and energy invested into your work comes with a payoff exponentially greater that you expected. As luck would have it, you’re finally getting some time off. This week is for giving in to your indulgences and treating yourself to the finer things in life. If you’ve been struggling with decisions, you’ll be able to make sure shot ones this week – instead of flipping a coin, go with your gut instinct.


This may feel like a classic scene from the movies where you’re standing in a corridor full of rooms and you’re not a 100% sure of what’s behind which door. The thing is a lot of times we might be have opportunities presented to us that wouldn’t lead to something tangible. The only way out is to approach this with a calm clear mind and if you find that you’re not there yet, take time away from the problem for now.


Can you imagine if Disney wrote fairy tale romances the way we live them out? On the plus side, at least those rosy scenes have given you an ideal to work with but the key is: do not settle for ambiguity. Blurred lines never work, particularly when either party is shying away from declaring their willingness to commit. Don’t settle for that awkward space between casually dating and in a relationship, complications only get uglier! Don’t allow anybody to string you on.


From a week of rest and relaxation you move into a super charged space where you have a plan in mind and you’re unstoppable! However it may be beneficial to you to be mindful of the people around you, whether in your words or actions. Think before you speak no matter how strongly you may feel about a situation. More often than not your peers may envy your single-minded focus but trust your instincts in rising above the challenges.


The cards present an interesting picture this week, particularly on the work front because that seems to be the general focus for the month of September. On one hand it could be because you spend so much time at work you’re sort of isolating yourself into it or alternatively it’s an area in your life that needs some attention. The question is if you weren’t doing what you’re currently doing, would you be happier? If you are contractually bound, does that stop you from planning your pursuit of things you’re passionate about.


This week basically starts off as if you’ve hit refresh! “New Energy New Me” is your mantra and be assured that your natural charisma will win people over no matter what the situation be. On a tangible front something you’ve been saving up for is finally within reach so if you’ve been planning a holiday or investing in a new apartment of your own expect something good coming your way. The energy this week is also ripe for ideating, dreaming up of your own billion dollar business!


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