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7 Easy #HauteHacks To Make Your Monsoon Hassle-Free!

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The monsoon is well and truly here! Every day, I wake up to gloomy skies and wet streets. I wouldn’t call that an unpleasant sight because I absolutely love this weather. What’s not to love? It’s the perfect time to get snug and comfy with a hot mug of tea while you watch re-runs of your favourite sitcom — especially over the weekend.

However, everything has a flipside. While the rains are mesmerising, they also create a lot of problems. Damp and musty smells in the house, smelly shoes…ugh! These can be really unpleasant. But don’t worry. We have a solution to all your rainy day woes. If rain has fallen on your phone screen, or if you’ve been mauled by a gang of mosquitoes, our nifty hacks can help you get through the season without any trouble.

1. Repair Wet Phones

Wet phones are a common sight in this weather. Whether you choose to put your phone in your pocket or your bag, the pesky  rain will still manage to find its way through. If you accidently dropped your phone in a puddle of water or had it drenched in the rain, this hack can help you do some damage control easily. All you need to do is place your phone inside a can of rice. Rice helps absorb moisture from your handset and will help you fix your phone in a couple of hours, tops.

2. Avoid Smelly Shoes

Smelly shoes and feet are a major turn off, but you can tackle this problem skilfully. First off, buy yourself a pair of rubber-soled, monsoon-friendly shoes. Make sure they don’t sit too snug on your feet, else they’ll start to smell. Secondly, moisturise your feet. Whether it is an anti-bacterial foot cream or this great Bath & Body Works foot scrub, use such creams on your feet to avoid unpleasant odours.

3. Keep Your Furniture Dry

Damp furniture gives off a musty smell and it can get really annoying. Your furniture needs to be polished not just to give it that added sheen but also to keep it free from moisture. Keep your furniture clean and dry by using unperfumed hair oil. Then rub a dry and soft cloth over it. The oil will help keep the wood from becoming damp and the soft cloth will ensure that the shine remains.

4. Ward Off Colds

Cold and cough go hand in hand with this weather. But you can’t afford to be sick, can you? So sip on a cup of hot lime water with half a pod of ginger and 2 generous spoonfuls of honey mixed in to keep the sniffles at bay. I swear by this drink during the monsoons.

5. Say Goodbye To Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are super pesky, aren’t they? You find yourself constantly swatting some away while it rains. But give your poor hands some rest with this handy hack. Mosquitoes absolutely hate citrusy smells. They also hate the smell of cloves. So slice up a lemon or two and stick a bunch of cloves into the halves. Place these lemons on a dish and keep it by your windows. Goodbye, pests!

6. Get Rid Of Damp Smells At Home

When your home starts smelling damp and musty, go ahead and throw open those windows. Even if it’s raining outside, some ventilation will do wonders to help you get rid of those unpleasant odours.

7. Keep Your Closets Moisture-Free

Even a little bit of water sneaking into your wardrobe will cause your cupboard and clothing to smell dank. The best way to avoid this is to keep your wardrobes moisture-free. You can do this by adding little pouches of cloves to the corners of your wardrobe. Cloves help absorb moisture. Plus, they’ll leave a pleasant scent behind!


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