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#HauteHacks: 5 Sleep Hacks That Are Better Than A Lullaby

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Dark circles, dull skin, constantly yawning even before the day has started, headaches, the mood to slap everyone you see, binge-eating on junk food, tardiness throughout the day, but wide awake at night — if this sounds at all familiar, then sorry to break it to you, but sounds like you’re sleep deprived. The problem is we know that we need sleep, yet are unable to doze off once the lights are off. For sure, we can blame our gadgets but for how long? It’s time we take charge of our lives and opt for a healthier lifestyle, which starts with a good night’s sleep.


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Most of us have tried the usual tricks to start dreaming. Soothing music, counting sheep, meditating for a while before hitting the sack, or drinking warm milk, specially crafted straight out of a Bollywood movie. Some work, while others really don’t. And if you are tired of trying these and of popping pills, here are 5 crazy hacks that actually work. No one likes being an owl, unless it’s Hedwig, right?

PS: Try them after a cold shower.

1. Curling Your Toes

Once you have settled in bed, curl your toes and hold it for a few seconds and then uncurl. Repeat this a few times and you will immediately feel your body relaxing, thus making you sleepy.

2. Rub Your Belly

Start making big circular movements from your navel and then come back making smaller movements. This exercise is quite trippy and keeps your mind engaged, tiring it out and, in turn, zoning you out.

3. Sleep Naked

If you have the luxury and privacy of your own room, try sleeping naked as this cools down your body temperature, which helps in getting some solid ZZZs — precisely why we feel sleepier in an air-conditioned room. But then, electricity bill.

4. Roll Your Eyes

Doing this in slow but regular movements tires out your eyes and makes you drowsy. A little creepy if you’re sleeping next to bae, but worth a shot!

5. Eat Some Honey

Before you get ready to sleep, eat a little honey. It is the magic ingredient that releases the sleeping hormones and keeps your liver full, helping you to sleep like a baby. Know more about this here.


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