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Girl Attempts Suicide After Boyfriend Forces Her To Have Sex With Friends Or Pay Them. She’s Paralysed Now

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Having a partner and being in a relationship with someone requires you to trust your partner completely. And trust usually doesn’t come easy. It takes months or even a few days to know if you trust someone. But more often than not the person we trust the most, hurt us the worst. Take this case of a young woman who jumped off her bridge in an attempted suicide after her boyfriend blackmailed her to either have sex with his three friends or pay money to them.

Recently, a girl in her 20s from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh attempted suicide when she threw herself from the bridge after she got blackmailed by her boyfriend, Shadab, and his three friends Rashid, Arif, and Saddam. The girl did end up surviving the fall but is now paralyzed.

According to the reports, the girl met Shadab four months ago and then started dating each other. They’d end up meeting at Shadab’s cousin’s house where he clicked some very objectionable pictures and videos of her. Later on, he sent those images to his three friends – Rashid, Arif, and Saddam. After a while, Shadab started blackmailing her with those pictures and videos and asked her to either have sex with his friends or pay Rs. 50,000. 

Shadab laid down an ultimatum for her – either have sex with his friends or pay them the money – or else he would upload all the pictures and videos on social media if she refused to succumb to his demands. Regarding the entire incident, the girl was reported saying, “He [Shadab]… told me I had to have sex with them [Shadab’s friends] or pay them Rs 50,000. Otherwise, they said, they would put it all up on social media. His friends said my family wouldn’t be able to protect me.”

And seeing no other choice, the girl chose to commit suicide over having sex or paying them. She jumped off of the overbridge on Tuesday. When the onlookers saw this, they immediately rushed to help her. After that, she was taken to the hospital and the reports say that even though she survived the fall, her legs have no life left in them. The doctor who worked on her case said, “The upper lumbar vertebrae has collapsed. Because she jumped off a height of about 40 feet, the lower level of her spinal cord was compressed. Her legs have turned lifeless. She is paraplegic.”

The girl’s family filed a complaint against her boyfriend, Shadab, and his three friends – Rashid, Arif, and Saddam. In the complaint, they told the police how Shadab had blackmailed her to either have sex with his friends or pay them Rs. 50,000. After lodging the complaint, the police investigated the case and are now making attempts to arrest the four accused. 

It really surprises me that the person you trusted to be your partner would do something so gruesome. It is really shameful of the boyfriend to blackmail the girl for sex or paying them. I can’t even imagine what the woman would have gone through when she thought she had no choice left. But committing suicide is never the option. If you feel you’re stuck and there is no way out, maybe try talking to someone in your family or a friend. They might be able to find a way out. Suicide is never an option and nor is it a choice. 


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