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Woman In Germany Given Suspended Sentence For Poking Holes Into Her Partner’s Condoms, Charged With Sexual Assault

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I have said this before and I’ll say it again: assault and abuse are not gender specific. While I agree that women run a higher risk of danger than men, I also believe that there are men out there who have been victims of assault and abuse. And it is unfair that in most cases, don’t take male victims seriously. However, this seems to be slowly and gradually changing as a few male victims are getting the justice they deserve. One such case was in Germany wherein a woman was found guilty of sexual assault because she poked holes into the condom without her partner’s knowledge. 

In a western Germany court, a woman was found guilty of sexual assault. She was given a 6 month suspended sentence for polling holes into her partner’s condom without his knowledge. This was a historic moment in German courts as it was the first instance of criminal “stealing” carried out by a woman. 

The ruling was handed down at the regional court of Bielefeld, which is a city in western Germany. The case was spoken about in the newspapers Neue Westfälische and the mass-circulation Bild. The case included a 39-year-old woman who was in a ‘friends with benefits’ type relationship with a 42-year-old man. They had met online at the beginning of 2021 and started a casual relationship of sexual nature. 

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Reports say that the woman had developed feelings for the man but knew that he didn’t want anything serious or a committed relationship. She then resorted to poking holes into the man’s condoms that he kept on his nightstand. She was hoping to get pregnant but her efforts were unsuccessful. Despite this, she sent her partner a message saying that she was pregnant and that she had purposefully tampered with the condoms. The man went on to press criminal charges against her and the woman later admitted to trying to manipulate her partner. 

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While the prosecutors and court were certain that a crime had been committed. However, they weren’t sure what charges to press against the woman. Judge Astrid Salewski told the court that they have written legal history. 

While reviewing whether the case counts as rape, the judge decided that the charges of sexual assault would be more befitting after the case of stealthing was observed while reviewing the case law.  

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