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10 Things To Do When You’re Stuck Indoors On A Rainy Day!

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Have you said hello to the monsoons yet? While it still hasn’t begun to rain cats and dogs yet, we all know it soon will! One day it’s nice and sunny and before you know it, you’ll have overcast skies and thunderstorms. A classic rainy day!

So what are you going to do when it’s pouring outside and you’re stuck indoors? That can get boring, fast. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help you out and provide you with some helpful tips on what you can do when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day. So plan in advance. Here goes!

1.Catch Up On The Latest Web Series

YouTube is full of amazing web series you can binge watch. From Y-Films’ Ladies Room to TVF’S Pitchers, these shows are a guaranteed pick-me-up for every kinda mood. So if you haven’t gotten around to watching any of these yet, now’s the time. Pick up your laptop, choose a show, and binge watch the blues away!

2. Try In-Door Camping

Who said camping has to take place in the great outdoors? When you have a couple of soft pillows, some sturdy chairs and clean sheets, you can set up camp in your own living room. Call a few friends over, pour out the hot chocolate, set out some marshmallows, and you’re good to go for a laughter-filled gossip sesh with your gals!

3. Bake Cookies

Baking is a very therapeutic activity. Imagine the delicious smell of chocolate chip cookies permeating the air in your home while it rains outside. Bake a couple of batches of cookies and dole them out for some guaranteed smiles.

4. Have A Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are real fun, aren’t they? I never tire of watching the Harry Potter series, for example. So go ahead and stack up on your favourite films, settle down in front of the telly with a tub of popcorn, and munch away. Comforting AF and it also kills the boredom of being stuck indoors.

5.  Pamper Yourself With A Pedicure

Your feet must be protesting, what with the amount of work you do on weekdays. So go on and give them a bit of rest. Soak your feet in a tub of warm soapy water, then give it a good scrubbing. Paint those nails in your favourite shade and see how great it makes you feel!

6. Catch Up On Your Reading

With our busy lifestyles, it becomes difficult to make time for all the important things in life. Reading, for example. While it rains outside, don’t pull a face. Instead, pull out that book you’ve been meaning to read and get cracking!

7. Karaoke

Nothing beats a good old karaoke session. Gather the family around, plug in the mic, and belt out your favourite tunes together.

8. Bring Out The Board Games

When was the last time you played Pictionary or Monopoly? Now is as good a time as any to bring out the old board games and card-cases when you’re stuck indoors. You’ll never know how time will fly!

9. Indulge In Some Online Shopping

If the rains don’t let you go out to the mall for a spot of shopping, who is to say you can’t do it at home? Get online, surf through all the online shopping websites and buy yourself a cute new umbrella or something!

Or you can even binge read Hauterfly! #JustSaying

10. Update Your Playlist

Have you been meaning to catch up on all the latest tracks of 2016? Well, being at home on a rainy day gives you the time to update your playlist. Listening to good music while you watch the rain fall outside, is the best thing ever. Check out some of our favourite #HauteSounds here!


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