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#HauteHacks: 5 Easy Ways To Up Your Desserts With Nutella

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I’m a person who binge eats when she is under stress and has deadlines looming over her head. And since it’s Monday today, 3 packets of chips, two plates of food at lunch, and some more junk food has already been consumed. But now, I am craving something sweet, a phenomenon most of us go through almost every day, am I right? The other commonly felt phenomenon is that we are perpetually broke. So we have to make do with cheap chocolates to satisfy our cravings. Which is when Nutella comes in to save the day. It’s your answer to cheap, quick, and deliciously sweet…basically everything!

Midnight hunger pangs? Eat a spoonful of Nutella. Want tasty breakfast? Spread some on a toast. Don’t have snacks for high tea? Enter Nutella and biscuits. Feeling depressed? Lick it straight out of the jar, girl! Apart from all these daily needs that Nutella fulfills, there is so much more to this awesomesauce, chocolatey invention. Make it luxurious by adding it to your desserts and you’re well on your way to becoming a Nutella expert. Woah, that is one job I would love to have. You can use it as frosting on cupcakes or make your own soft serve using just bananas and Nutella! Watch the video for these hacks and I accept gratitude in the form of Nutella. #JustSaying

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