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4 Healthy Snack Boxes To Banish Your Mid-Evening Hunger Pangs!

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In today’s fast-paced life, the one thing that we take for granted is our health. We rush to work in the morning without a proper breakfast and end up eating junk food later in the day. I know I’m guilty of doing the exact same thing. It’s high time we take a break from all the greasy samosas, fried chips, or chocolate bars. A once-in-a-while indulgence is okay, but don’t make it a habit. The result will be abundant health problems and fat sitting around your waist!

One way to stay healthy is to carry little snacks to work. But if you don’t have the time, then check out these cool subscription services that provide you with delicious and healthy snacks right at your doorstep or office.



Courtesy: The Nibble Box

1. The Nibble Box

Three years ago — Ishita Sharma a fitness freak and marathon runner — started her online snack subscription company The Nibble Box to satiate those 5 pm hunger pangs. On the menu are yummy granola bars filled with oats and nuts, pumpkin seeds spiced with jalapeno powder, and over 90 other snacks! All the snacks are carefully crafted by nutritionist Luke Coutinho, and don’t contain refined sugar. What’s more, they use dates and raw honey as sweeteners and organic rock salt instead of common table salt. They deliver four boxes a month, (i.e. one per week). Each box has four snacks that the Nibble Box team chooses based on your preferences. So basically you don’t know which snacks you will get but they will be those that you love!

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Courtesy: Fab Box

2. Fab Box

If you want to binge on some high-quality healthy tidbits then Fab Box is your destination. It has over 50 premium snacks on offer that promise to make you fall in love with healthy food. Its bestsellers include almond bars, cranberry bars, and cashew-rich cookies. They’ve recently launched a whole new range of green tea packs for tea lovers as well. They customise a box of 5 snacks for Rs 999 once every month. You can either subscribe for one, three, or six months and choose what snacks you want.

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Courtesy: Snackexperts

3. Snackexperts

Started by three health enthusiasts from Chennai, this company delivers healthy snacks all over India. The idea to start such a business came over cups of tea and light conversations, so they target people who want something to munch on while drinking their daily cuppa of chai. Choose from a list of snacks and have them delivered within a fixed period of time. They are highly active on their Facebook page and will help you with any query. Apart from delivering snacks, they also provide health tips and guidance.

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Courtesy: Chomp

4. Chomp

Chomp has healthy snacking experiences on the lines of the 4-5-6 mantra. To break this down for you, the company helps to banish your 4 pm hunger pangs, 5 days a week, with 6 snacks in a box. Sounds good, right? What I love about this service is their super cute website that makes you want to order STAT. You can choose from 3 packages and order online. They will then make a call to confirm your order, and your snacks will be with you by the following Monday! What’s more, each box comes with a surprise snack that will make you do a happy little dance.

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