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Reviewed: The Daily Bar & Kitchen’s New Lunch Menu

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Located on the ever so crowded Linking Road in Bandra, Mumbai, The Daily Bar & Kitchen is hard to miss. Decked in black, exuding major classy vibes, the restaurant has started a lip-smacking lunch menu, and to say it is to die for would be an understatement.


The Daily Lunch menu_hauterfly


First Impressions

The restaurant has an alfresco seating area and an inside bar-plus-dining space, giving you a choice of the surrounding you want to have your meal in. Since it was a hot, summer, Thursday afternoon, my colleague and I chose to sit inside.

Not a very big space, this one is perfect for those intimate brunch dates, as once the sun sets, it tends to get pretty crowded. The walls are adorned with newspaper cutouts and, going by the dates on them, I’m sure they keep changing.

The monochrome interiors sync perfectly with the newspapers on the walls, and one look at the menu, and we were excited about the food.


The Daily Lunch menu_hauterfly

Assorted Smoothies



There is a special menu curated for lunch hours, and on the drinks menu were smoothies and caffeinated beverages. But we decided to ask the bartender for his recommendations, and he brought us 4 amazing drinks.

Two of them were mocktails made with an orange base with twists of watermelon added to it. One of the cocktails was gin-based with basil, while the other one was made with vodka.

One sip down and we were already smiling. The afternoon was looking good.



The Daily Lunch menu_hauterfly

Sea Food Broth



We started off with the Avocado On Toast, which was, again, a recommendation from the wait staff, and we are glad we went ahead with it. The bread was toasted perfectly, with just the right amount of crunch. The mashed avocado filling on it had dried cherry tomatoes and feta cheese that made the combo so, so good. Though, a pinch of salt would have taken it to a whole new level.

Next came my favourite dish of the meal — the Sea Food Broth. It’s what I would choose to have on a rainy day, cooped up in my blanket, with a fantastic read. If that broth had a synonym, it would be comfort. Calamari, white fish, and chunks of prawns drizzled with chilli oil, drowned in soup — I’m pretty sure this is what heaven tastes like.

Even though all I wanted to do was guzzle down gallons of that broth, I did move on. It was hard, you guys, but I did. And for the first time ever, I ate an omelette for lunch.

The Hickory Smoked Chicken And Parmesan Cheese Omelette came with spiced sausages — it was fluffy and beautiful. Again, The Daily didn’t disappoint us.

Already full, we ordered our mains. Oven Roasted Tomatoes And Olive Stuffed Ravioli was the first to show up on our table and, I think, I experienced love at first sight, right there and then. The pasta was soft and easy with a flavourful sauce to blend it all in. After all, the sauce did have fresh basil in it!


The Daily Lunch menu_hauterfly

Grilled Maple Chicken With Zucchini Noodles


The Grilled Maple Chicken With Zucchini Noodles came right after, and honestly, I loved the ravioli more. And I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian.

Oh, and we also had a side dish of sweet potato fries. You can never go wrong with fries, can you?

We couldn’t even move an inch after this hearty lunch and eating a dessert was out of the question. Okay, sorry I said that. It would have been a crime to skip something sweet, so we asked the host to get us something light…and so he did.


The Daily Lunch menu_hauterfly

Nutella Sea Salt Pancake


Out came the whiteberry panacotta, which was a little undercooked but really tasty. The edible flowers added to the whole appeal and yes, we did manage to finish all of it. But if you do make a trip to the Daily, don’t miss the Nutella Sea Salt Pancakes.


The Daily Lunch menu_hauterfly


In A Nutshell

The ideal lunch place, The Daily gets full points and then some brownie ones too. Definitely going back there to try out everything else on the menu and you should too.

The menu is healthy and has ample vegan options, perfect for the Bandra ladies to have a good time without having to worry about ’em calories.

While leaving, though, I did have one niggling question — why the hell was there a random disco ball hanging from the ceiling, one that absolutely did not complement the décor! If you happen to go there, please ask the manager and let me know?


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