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10 Restaurants That Made 2016 Yummier

December 27, 2016 | by Japleen Kaur
Best New Restaurants 2016_Londoners_Hauterfly

As 2016 comes to a close (thank you, God), we’re doing a round up of all our faves from this year. Food, of course, as always, is on top of our minds. We’ve seen some fascinating food trends taking over the internet and our plates this year, and now it’s time to list out some of the best restaurants we’ve eaten at. If we were to curate a list of every new restaurant launched in 2016, the end of 2017 would arrive and we’d still not be done. So, we picked our favourites, some because of their vibrant décor, other because of the kickass food. All in all, even if you have been to just one of these restaurants, your year has been a good one. If you haven’t yet…well, book a table now!


Best New Restaurants 2016_Londoners_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

1. Londoners — New Delhi

Live rock band sessions in a cafe that oozes English vibes, this place was ultimate bliss for those who wanted to start their day with a great breakfast. A huge space spread across 2 floors with a lovely terrace seating option as well, this restaurant is a must-visit. In case you can’t make it to London, well, here it is for you.

Contact: 011 3310 5812
Cost For 2: Rs 1,700


Best New Restaurants_Addams House_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

2. The Addams House — Gurgaon

Yes! This restaurant is inspired by the cartoon that made our childhood spooky — The Addams Family. Newly opened, it gives everyone a chance to revisit old days with décor that will give you Halloween feels and dishes with names like Ghost Rider Pizza and Deal With The Devil Burger. If you missed out on all the Halloween fun, this is your chance to undo that mistake.

Contact: +91 92052 72346
Cost For 2: Rs 1,400


Best New Restaurants 2016_Kitchen Garden_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

3. Kitchen Garden By Suzette — Mumbai

When the owners of Suzette opened this pretty cafe in the bylanes of Bandra, we knew that this will be the haute new place for those who like eating healthy. But it surprised everyone by serving health food that actually is delicious. With ambience that will make you go ‘awww’ and food that will help you keep that fitness resolution, Kitchen Garden is a priority, you guys!

Contact: 022 2645 9775
Cost For 2:  Rs 1,000


Best New Restaurants 2016_Luna Nudo_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

4. Ludo Nudo — Mumbai

Luna Nudo is a posh eatery at the St Regis and has become the go-to place for everyone’s fancy date nights. Beautiful cocktails and great company here will make you want to never leave.

Contact: 022 3015 1228
Cost For 2: Rs 1,500


Best New Restaurants 2016_Sotally Tober_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

5. Sotally Tober — Bangalore

Every college student’s hangout place, Sotally Tober first win was with the name and then with the use of mason jars as lights. As I scroll through Snapchat stories of my friends in Bangalore, I know that this is one place that is popular with good reason. Make sure you go a little early on weekends, as you may not even find place to stand also! Rest assured, there is is no such thing as a sober night here.

Contact: 080 4965 2488
Cost For 2: Rs 1,200


Best New Restaurants 2016_3 Dots_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

6. Three Dots And A Dash — Bangalore

The Chicago eatery made its way to Bangalore this year, and we can’t be happier. Three Dots, as it is fondly called, is a place with enthusiastic young vibes meet a dash of class, suitable for just about any crowd. Wooden chairs and bamboo poles, in a subtle way this restaurant is doing its bit to preserve nature.

Contact: 080 3951 5401
Cost For 2: Rs 1,300


Best New Restaurants 2016_Jam House_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

7. Jam House — Kolkata

No, it does not serve up different flavours of jams, but rather is heaven for music lovers. Jam sessions take place here every day, and the finger food complements the aura perfectly. A beer in hand, quirky décor, and music that’ll make you forget all your worries — what’s not to love

Contact: +91 98313 28050
Cost For 2: Rs 950


Best New Restaurants 2016_Every Door's Mystery_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

8. Every Door’s Mystery — Kolkata

Though small, this restaurant had to be on this list! Why? Because the space is made up of doors. Doors of all kinds and colours don this place, making it one of the most fascinating spots in the city. Plus, the food is good and pretty reasonable. Win-win.

Contact: 033 3085 9118
Cost For 2: Rs 700


Best New Restaurants 2016_Haunted_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

9. Haunted — Chennai

As the name suggests, the décor of Haunted will take you on a ride with the supernatural. Spacious and not so scary, it is perfect for those who don’t like to watch horror movies, but are still fascinated by the concept. Opt for their special menu to give your tummy a treat.

Contact: 044 3301 1452
Cost For 2: Rs 800


Best New Restaurants 2016_Tovo Canteen_Hauterfly
Courtesy: Zomato

10. Tovo Canteen – Chennai

A canteen-themed restaurant in Chennai opened this year, and instantly became a favourite with the locals. American food at its best, the steaks here are to die for! And what’s amazing is that it has opened in 3 locations across the city, making it mandatory for people to eat here at least once.

Contact: 044 3301 1463
Cost For 2: Rs 1,200

Japleen Kaur

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