Ditch A Card Set For A Contemporary Game Board This Diwali

Ditch A Card Set For A Contemporary Game Board This Diwali

Diwali is here. I can smell it in the air thanks to all the frenzied activity that heralds any festivity. From giving the house a facelift, to the smell of mouth-watering delicacies wafting through the kitchen; from late night shopping runs to the desperate pleas for various appointments to primp up before D-day — this is really my favourite time of the year.


Taamaa Snakes & Ladders Set_Hauterfly

Taamaa Snakes & Ladders Set (Rs 10,000)


When I was thinking about what to gift a dear friend recently, I decided to take a slightly offbeat route when I set my sights on this classy Snakes & Ladder Set by Taamaa. What is so radically different about this is that it’s not your usual colourful game board, but is handmade AND in leather. It also comes in a leather case and… wait for this… has nickel and copper game pieces! You wouldn’t want to ruin the look of a beautifully crafted leather game board by throwing in plastic game pieces, no? I think this is the perfect table-top accessory to add a chic look to your home. If you’re like me and want to give the clichéd presents a miss, this game board is super contemporary in its elegant, minimalist approach.

SHOP NOW: Taamaa Snakes & Ladders Set (Rs 10,000)

Poorva Dubey

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