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Divyanka Tripathi Talking About Fashion Policing Being A Sexist Concept Rings Very True And We Agree With Her

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One of the biggest stereotypes that women face is that we all love to play dress up and we do it please other people. But that’s all it is, a stereotype. Do we love to dress well and look pretty? Hell yeah. But do all of us love it? Nope. Do we do it please other people? Nope. But the fact of the matter is, people don’t see it that way. When a woman is dressed shabbily, it is treated as a crime against nature. On the other hand, when a man is dressed poorly, people don’t bat an eyelid. That, my friends, is sexism. That is exactly what Divyanka Tripathi is trying to say, of course, and we completely agree with her. We are just glad someone from the industry is talking about this.

One can only imagine if we are subjected to this, the pressure on actresses who are in the public eye must be maddening. Award shows, events, networking parties it goes on and on for them, it is literally their job. But if they aren’t dressed to the T, social media is instantly flooded with trolls and memes on them. But at the same time, no one cares what the actors wore. You will never hear anyone say, “Did you see what he wore last night? He looked terrible!”

That is why, when the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress, took to Twitter to talk about this issue we totally agreed with her. Reacting to another tweet, she responded saying “I wonder why you guys or anyone for that matter don’t do much #FashionPolicing on men? Too much unnecessary pressure on women. Why should we want to look good for you? Isn’t this too sexist? Food for thought!” It really is.

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This isn’t the first time Divyanka has addressed this issue. Earlier in an interview, she spoke about how women are judged harshly for the clothes they wear but it is not the same for men. She said, “Everyone’s under pressure and is constantly trying to up their game without even raising an eyebrow and asking, ‘why us’? In any case, whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s a personal choice how one wants to dress and that should be respected by others.”

It is a point worth noting, exactly why isn’t anyone else talking about this? Every other actress is just silently conforming to this blatant sexist concept. Just cause these celebrities are in the public eye, doesn’t mean they need to be cyber harassed any time their dressing doesn’t meet the impossible standards they are held up to. And even if it does, why is there so much difference with the way men are treated when they falter? After all this talk of equality, doesn’t it stand to reason that they be judged equally?

Here is just one more thing we need to work on. I genuinely feel like someone should start making a checklist now, maybe then we will actually see change.

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