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#HauteSpaces: The Imperfectly Perfect Folly House

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Who doesn’t love a pretty home/work space? I know the answer to that one. So now, every week, I will go in search for the most stunning indoor spaces in our country that will inspire the inner decorator in you. Unique, colourful, or quirky, these photo stories are sure to leave you spellbound, like mouth-hanging-open spellbound. If you know or use a space that fits the description, ping me and we can chat! It can be anything from a home to an office, a studio to a restaurant — if it is fun, I’m game! 

Two brothers, Ayaz and Zameer Basrai, started their own design studio called The Busride Studio, in Mumbai, in 2009, and their very first project was Salt Water Café, Bandra. Thus started a design firm that has woven magic on some beautiful restaurants that are better known for the décor than their food — be it the cozy interiors of Café Zoe or the askew cabinets at the Jam Jar Diner. The two design intellectuals believe in originality and if the clients ask them to recreate a particular look, they politely decline. More often than not, it is them working without a brief and taking up challenges that make them work 24*7. One such task came their way when a young couple from Pune approached them to design their dream home.

The clients, both entrepreneurs, wanted the house to reflect their biography and also be a healthy space for their children to grow in. The Basrai brothers put their heads together and started working out ideas around a simple yet odd brief — make mistakes. The idea was to show how nothing is perfect, mistakes are a healthy part of life. That’s what the Folly House is — a mixture of chances, mistakes, and unpredictability.

Every day, you can establish a new relationship with this house. The living room has 2 objects, a multi-functional carved wooden topography and a fold-out wooden cube, that come alive only when the residents want them to. The jungle gym for the kids is a bright area where they can fall and learn, every day. The guest room becomes one only when needed. The dining table in the kitchen can be rotated in any direction…and so on.

The Facebook post by Ayaz and Zameer sums it beautifully: “The overall experience of the house transformed from ‘living in rooms’ to ‘living amongst objects’. Since the nature of each object is different, the house remains unpredictable and new relationships between everyday home objects are constantly discovered.”

You need to see this one to believe it. Scroll down for some of the most inspiring decor pics you’ll have seen in a while.

The Main Door: The Entrance To The House

The living room folly house_Hauterfly

The Living Room: Kids Spine


The living room folly house_Hauterfly

The Living Room: Meeting Area


The Living room folly house_Hauterfly

The Living Room: Extended Area


The living room folly house_Hauterfly

The Living Room: Private Area


Underside Of The Spine The Folly House_Hauterfly

The Living Room: Underside


Sunken sitting area folly house_Hauterfly

Sunken Sitting Area In The Living Room Extension


The Living Room Folly_hauterfly

The Folly In The Living Room


The Folly That Opens Up Like Magic


The Living Folly_Hauterfly

The Living Folly


The Living Folly_Hauterfly

The Living Folly Interior


The Master Bathroom Folly House_Hauterfly

The Master Bathroom


The Kitchen Folly House_Hauterfly

The Kitchen Folly House


The Turning Table In The Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets


The Jungle Gym Folly House_Hauterfly

Kids Jungle Gym Bedroom


Kids Jungle Gym Bedroom_Hauterfly

The Kids Jungle Gym Bedroom


Master Bedroom Folly House_Hauterfly

Master Bedroom Folly House


Grandparents Bedroom Folly House_Hauterfly

The Grandparents’ Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom

Image Courtesy: The Busride Design Studio


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