Here’s How To Decorate Your Coffee Table In Style

Here’s How To Decorate Your Coffee Table In Style

When it comes to redecorating one’s house, most people are really picky about the kind of furniture they want to introduce into their space. Mixing the old with the new is a fine art. If you’re not doing a major overhaul but are confused about exactly what you want, a cool coffee table is perhaps a good starting point. It can add some much-needed character to a space, and decorating it with interesting knick-knacks can be a lot of fun!

One of the easiest ideas is putting some great coffee table tomes on display, often stacked one over the other, to give some height and also show off your curated reading skills. If not, then even your classic novels will do the trick. If you don’t own a lot of books, you could always pick out ones from our new fall recommendations. Other things like paper weights, decorative trays and gorgeous flower arrangements also make for easy and classy decor ideas.

Here’s a selection of some cool stuff for your coffee table.



Good Earth Uzaira Vase (Rs 7,500)



Casa Pop Indochine Tray (Rs 6,499)



Rang Rage Royal Blossoms Exotic Tray (Rs 1,299)



Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty (Rs 3,161)



Casa Pop Floral Arrangement (Rs 6, 499)



House Of Things Taamaa Vases (Rs 10,000)



FCML Succulent (Rs 2,390)



Taamaa Three Little Birds Paper Weight (Rs 2,300)



Persia Garden Handpainted Coasters (Rs 4,800)

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