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Dear Ravindra Jadeja, Your Comment Was Sexist. And To Prove You Wrong, Here Are Images Of Women Casually Lifting Weights

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‘Don’t hit like a girl’, ‘Don’t sit like a boy’, ‘Don’t cry like a girl’, these are all just a few examples of the kind of statements that societies bandies around their children. A flawed, sexist and honestly deeply underwhelming kind of a mindset against women that only adds to the already embedded patriarchy in the society, these kind of statements continue to reign supreme and it’s kind of annoying. Actually, it is plenty annoying.

Now, we get that our Indian sportsmen are full of testosterone but that doesn’t mean they aren’t full of shit also. As we’ve seen previously with Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul. This time, Ravindra Jadeja left a comment that is making us fume.

In what was a rather unfunny episode of pulling the leg of a fellow cricketer Umesh Yadav, Jadeja left what he thought was a cheeky comment on his Insta post. They then proceeded to engage in what is being called  ‘funny banter’. For the uninitiated, It all started with Umesh’s recent video on Instagram, where the fast pacer can be seen lifting weights. A video that on a usual day would have no reason to attract any type of a comment, let alone sexist, caught Jadeja’s attention as he wrote, “Ladkiya itna weight uthati hai (Girls can lift this much weight)”.

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Now, if it wasn’t obvious enough, the misogyny in this is so strong, it could be lifting weights of its own. Conveniently implying how women are the weaker sex here, Jadeja’s comment wasn’t just offensive but it was also oblivious to the fact that girls don’t just lift this much weight, they lift more and they do it well. Replying to Jadeja’s comment however, Umesh wrote, “Yeh toh sirf teaser tha, Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost (This is just a teaser, the film is not over yet my friend).”

With several women upping their game and grabbing a seat at the table with the big dogs in every walk of life from army to corporates to entertainment to anything, women are game for almost anything. We’re strong, we’re resilient and we will lift your sorry butt and put it where it belongs – in the misogyny dustbin.What we’re surprised by is how the example of fellow cricketers like Hardik Pandya and Rahul self-sabotaging themselves at the Koffee couch with Karan, wasn’t enough a lesson to learn from, that making sexist comments about women gets you nowhere.

It’s about time people realise that associating gender with any particular quality only amplifies the bias there already persists, and in a time like this, when the talk needs to be around empowering women, we have two influential cricketers representing our country, downplaying the women and showing how they see the female sex as the weaker sex.

And this is stupid. Because we have Mirabai Chanu lifting more weights.

Sanjita Chanu who is lifted this weight like it was nothing.

And Urmi, who is a fitness coach doing her thing, and it’s probably more than Umesh Yadav.

And we’ve this image where this woman looks like she could smash your patriarchy.

And another image of Ankita Singh who you should not cross.

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