Dear Internet, If Urvashi Rautela Says Nothing Happened, Believe It.

Urvashi Boney Hauterfly

Look, we have said this enough number of times. Women need to speak up and women need to be heard. And while we will stand in support for every voice that speaks up and believe the person, because that’s what they need. But, and lean in because this bit is also important, we will also believe it when they say nothing happened. Even that is women speaking up and that needs to be respected equally.

We are talking in light of the recent video of Urvashi Rautela and Boney Kapoor that went viral where Boney Kapoor was  seemingly seen touching Urvashi Rautela inappropriately after they break from a casual hug.

And that was enough for the netizens to set social media on fire. Post the release of that mini-clip, a bunch of angry and offended people took to the internet to slam the producer for his actions. So much so that, a few publications, without first checking with the actress. Because why bother with verifying information when something has the potential to go viral?

We understand that the heat from the #MeToo movement is still warm and running, and while it is important to be aware and call out people for what they are, but maybe, just MAYBE, midst the overflow of emotions, we must not forget that sometimes it is not the case. Especially when Urvashi Rautela herself, made a statement loud and clear, smashing all the false rumours that were making rounds.

Sometimes, actually no, at all times, what women say needs to be heard, addressed and taken for its word. A ‘no’ means a no, a ‘yes’ means a yes and if someone claims that nothing untoward happened, then it did not happen. Period. At the end of the day, we can’t shove blame in someone’s face, especially where it doesn’t belong.

Yes, we should fight for something we believe in but first, we must believe the person.

Sadhika Sehgal

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