Daniella Alvarez, Former Miss Colombia, Put Up A Video Of Her Dancing Weeks After Her Leg Got Amputated And It Is So Inspiring

Daniella Alvarez, Former Miss Colombia, Put Up A Video Of Her Dancing Weeks After Her Leg Got Amputated And It Is So Inspiring

Recently, a popular influencer got called out for offering “positive vibes” for a “nominal fee” of Rs. 1500, a fee a well-deserving therapist earns per session. But if I really want some positive vibes and inspiration (not therapy), I would rather invest my time in reading up stories that deliver them. I mean, I really don’t want to be looking at coronavirus news all the time; it can get overwhelming.

In fact, if you watch the video of this former Miss Colombia dancing, you will end up catching some of her infectious energy and joy. What’s so special about it? Daniella Alvarez lost the lower half of one leg to an illness not long ago. She had to be operated upon to remove a lump from her abdomen but due to further complications, her leg had to be amputated.


But such a major setback didn’t stop this strong woman from pursuing one of her fav hobbies — dancing. In a recent video she posted, she is seen letting loose and dancing with her brother, Ricki Alvarez, while being super upbeat and like a bright ray of sunshine. “Swinging around life with my favourite partner, Ricki Alvarez. Difficulties don’t matter! We must be resilient in life,” Daniella’s caption read after being translated from Spanish, reported India Today.


Love started pouring in as netizens lauded her spirit. People told her she is inspirational and a true warrior. And her comment section has been flooded with heart emojis. This is really adorable and she deserves all the love coming her way.

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A quick glance through her Instagram reveals that she is also an entrepreneur and owns a stunning fashion house that sells clothing and accessories. She is also a TV host and a UNICEF ambassador, her bio says. There are videos of her in the hospital and even then she had a big bright smile on her face. She’s been surrounded by her people and been handling it really well. I am sure there are days that are more difficult than the rest but the fact that she has it in her to still get up and get going is motivating enough!

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