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The Web Series That I Am Going To Get Addicted To!

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From the house of highly relatable content like Little Things and What The Folks, Dice Media, comes yet another web series that will make you go, ‘Oh wait, that’s my life.’  Adulting is a 5-episode series that traces the journey of two best friends, Nikhat and Ray living together in Mumbai while trying to make ends meet and also making a play at being adults.

It is for people who have a best friend, have to pay high rent, are staying away from home, addicted to Instagram and  perpetually broke. Basically, all of us. The first episode released today, and it’s the best 25 odd minutes I spent on the internet. Besides the dog videos I watch, those are always worth it.

What’s great is that the production team is mostly women, right from the director, writers to the editor, art director, lead cast and more. This gives me hope because, finally. This is India’s first web series to have women in such significant roles. The result is a spectacular cocktail of relatable instances, every humour and just people who get it without trying too hard.  I’ve never lived with a roommate or away from my family but I could connect with something as basic as Maggi cake for a birthday, having an aesthetic for my social media account, and a friend who would forget my birthday.

This series has something for every 20 something girl, and I for one cannot wait for the next episode to be out soon! Take a break, grab a cuppa and watch the pilot below to know what I mean!

PS: I was at the Beiber concert, and boy, was it an experience!



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