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You HAVE TO Listen To This Acapella Mashup Of Justin Bieber’s Songs!

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It’s finally Belieber-fever time! Whether or not you’re going to his concert today, you cannot ignore the fact that everyone around is consumed by the presence of Biebs in our country. You turn on your radio and there he is; you switch on your TV sets and pop goes his face; and dare you step into a room full of fanatic teenagers…well then, your fate is sealed.

Even if you aren’t a true-blue Belieber, you’ve got to admit that his tunes are really catchy — I am pretty sure you’ve hummed or grooved away to his chart-toppers. Well then, you shouldn’t give this latest Acapella version a miss!

Acapella group RaagaTrippin’ just dropped its Justin Bieber mashup cover and it’s catchy AF. “With his visit and all the excitement around the gig, we decided to put all those songs already playing in everybody’s heads into one piece of music.

“It’s got a bunch of Bieber anthems rearranged and blended into 2.5 minutes of vocal magic,” said Lara Pinto, lead and ambient vocal.

This group of 6 musicians were friends long before RaagaTrippin’ happened, and all of them had one interest in common — the love for making music. It was in June 2012 that they came together to form this ear-gasmic Acapella troupe.

Performing Acapella covers of popular songs, both in Hindi and English, RaagTrippin’ is definitely one of those YouTube channels you can get lost listening to.

Gaining 5,769 views in less than 15 hours, we know that this version of JB’s songs has to be on your playlist! STAT!


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