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Bengaluru Woman Denied House On Rent Due To Her Religion, Shares Ordeal On Twitter. 75 Yrs Of Independence And Discrimination Continues

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Buying a house anywhere in the house today is not an easy thing. Houses do not come cheap either. And the cheap ones do not have proper facilities. Houses in metropolitan cities cost a bomb because the cost of living in cities has gone significantly higher. Amid all of this, the entire house-hunting process is so tedious! Seeing house after house, that either does not fit in your budget or when they do, you don’t like them is kaafi frustrating even. But imagine if the broker tells you that the owner does not want to rent the house to you because of your religion!

One Twitter user by the username @HaifaZu took to the microblogging site to share her experience of something similar that she went through. She shared screenshots of the chat she had with the broker. In the screenshots, it can be seen that he asks the woman her name and when she texts back, the broker asks him if she is a Hindu. The woman then goes on to ask if not having a Hindu family is a problem and the broker responds by writing that yes, it was. The Twitter user then asks if the property is not available for her. You can further read in the chat that the broker goes on to reveal the property is available but the owners were only renting it to those who were Hindus.

He also shared another screenshot of a similar chat he had with a different broker who also asked him what religion did he follow. Sharing the tweets, the Twitter user wrote, “If everyone is done celebrating the 75th anniversary of independence, here is how I spent my Aug 15th. #bangalore #househunting.” Check out the tweet below.

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A lot of people replied to the tweet saying that being Hindus, they, too, were denied houses by Muslim owners. While a couple of others said that it was the owner’s choice and call to make whom they wanted to rent the house.

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