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WATCH: The Teaser Trailer Of Deadpool 2 Is Out And We Can’t Believe What We Saw

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If there is any action movie that has hit the right note with humour and kicks, it’s got to be Deadpool. The 2016 movie won hearts across the world, and the teaser trailer of its sequel has already got over 13 million views — clearly, we’re not the only ones excited about Deadpool 2.

And why not? It’s Ryan Reynolds, after all, who slayed in the first movie and became everyone’s favourite hero. If you loved him then, I don’t know what you’ll do now because the teaser trailer shows him in a phone booth, with foggy glass doors, changing into his costume, with his butt popping out. Yes, Ryan Reynolds’ butt is on display.

Did you excitement levels just hit the roof? Yep, ours too. But, the movie will only release in 2018, so it is a long, long wait.

In the teaser trailer, Ryan, aka Wade, is at his goofy best accompanied by his dark sense of humour. You can also see posters for Logan and Firefly — amazing marketing, don’t you think?

Also, the subtle barbs on other superheroes are still going strong, a hint of which we get when the Superman title track plays in the background.

It is definitely going to be fun and we cannot wait for the movie to release.! Till then, playing the trailer on loop.


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