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#HauteSounds: Parekh & Singh’s New Video Will Give You Wes Anderson Feels

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When I first heard Nischay Parekh at NH7 Weekender a few years ago — at one of the side stages no less — there was no doubt in my mind that this young man was destined for bigger stages. He had a captive audience of mostly young women looking on dreamily as he belted out a few numbers on his guitar, one of which was I Love Baby, I Love You Doll. His partner-in-crime (also percussionist + producer) Jivraj Singh — I was completely unfamiliar with back then.

This was 2013. And the Kolkata-based dream pop duo Parekh & Singh’s album Ocean is just as old. Since then, the two young men have become the toast of the indie scene and garnered a dedicated fan following for themselves. And with a spanking new video out for an old but beloved song, they’re set to get some more love and a whole lot of new fans.

Their shared love for Wes Anderson’s eccentric aesthetic is more than apparent in the video. Influenced by The Darjeeling Limited director’s distinctive visual style, the duo shot the video in a rajbari just outside Kolkata, perfectly capturing the whimsy of Anderson’s movies and the duo’s dreamy music. So much so that the American director himself was all praise for them. (If you’re reading this Mr. Anderson, the suits were made at Barkat Ali & Bros, a tailor shop in old Kolkata. You’re welcome.)

And when I said earlier that the boys were destined for bigger stages, I wasn’t kidding. Parekh & Singh signed a deal with the mega UK-based label Peace Frog Records earlier this year and will be releasing Ocean internationally with on October 28. Looks like Indian indie pop has come of age with Parekh & Singh.


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