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5 New Songs We Can’t Get Enough Of!

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I don’t know about you, but what keeps me going through the week, is some good music. Humming along to my favourite tracks as I work, gives me immense joy. And if there’s a new song out, rest assured I’m going to be playing it on loop! But that, of course, is only if the song is any good.

So yes, with a new month comes a new playlist, right? We already gave you a fresh new playlist at the beginning of August. Now, I’ve come across some new numbers that I couldn’t stop listening to, again and again. As always, I’d like to share them with you. WE gotta groove together, right?

So scroll on to discover the 5 new songs that we can absolutely not get enough of!


1. Let Me Love You — DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber

Catchy beats and a super funky drop make up Justin Bieber and DJ Snake’s new collaboration. This one’s going to be a popular number on the dance floors this year.


2. Carry On — Norah Jones

If soulful singing is what you’re all about, listen to Carry On by Norah Jones. This is the first single from her upcoming album Day Breaks, which premieres this October. The singer’s voice is simply beautiful and although this one’s a slow number, it sure is melodious and something you can waltz to.


3. Gemini Feed — BANKS

If nothing else, I’d listen to this song on a loop just for her voice. The beats are minimal and yet, the song is catchy AF. This one definitely needs to be on your playlist!


4. Gravel To Tempo — Hayley Kiyoko

This song reminds me of Mean Girls. It’s all about breaking free from stereotypes and awakening to who you truly are. It’s also about reminding girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. The lyrics are along the lines of “I’ll do this my way, don’t matter if I break! I gotta be on my own!” and will totally make you feel like singing out loud.


5. Thinking Of You — Mabel

Cameron McVey’s daughter Mabel, has come up with her new song. It’s an R&B number and is all about the lives of teens worldwide. Think high school crushes, swooning over them — yes, something along those lines. But it does seem to be a fresh and promising number!


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