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We Wanted To Be The First To Dish Out The Music Circuit’s Latest Secret

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Hearing from old friends is always a great feeling and when you’re blessed with the honour of being guinea pig to their super-promising ventures, it’s all the better. So, when I got a call from Priyam Saha about this cool new thing she was trying and wanted me to be part of, I jumped both feet in.

The Idea

The concept is simple. Four friends who love music, food and great company, got together to host a couple of musicians in a small, intimate setting with no more than 6 guests. You know that feeling of straining yourself to hear the performers on the stage and then just giving up and joining the chatter? Yeah, there’s none of that here. Enter: #SideDish, thus titled because these 4 peeps actually have ‘normal’ jobs and this is just a fun experiment they’re doing on the side. (100 points for being punny!)



The experience

Last Sunday, the hosts cooked a bunch of snacks, bought a few drinks, and lit up their living room in a way that conveyed that they were throwing a small do for their buddies. But I entered, to be pleasantly surprised to find two young musicians setting up their amps and doing soundchecks under a nest of fairy lights. It instantly gave me the warm and fuzzies. With an idea to get different people to meet, like in the case of secret suppers, the 6 of us knew the hosts, but not each other.

What was really great about this experiment though is that we had time in a very casual environment to get to know the musicians and a bit of their stories before they actually performed. How many people can say that they did that, ever? And while we made new friends, we also munched on some delicious chicken lollipops (fresh from the fryer, I might add) chicken sliders with caramelised onions, some UH-MAZING homemade pesto dip, Priyam’s signature curd dip, chips (duh!) and as if that wasn’t enough, spaghetti arrabiatta! Needless to say, I went nutso on the food and then the music started…

Ramya Pothuri, Indian-American, originally from St. Louis, Minnesota but now in this our maximum city and Ronit Sarkar aka Awkward Bong played quite a number of originals, with some covers thrown in, and Ramya even played a song so new she hadn’t titled it yet. See what I mean about being a guinea pig?

All in all, I left more enriched than when I entered, having spent my Sunday evening meeting new people, eating superb food, and listening to great music. With a happy heart and a slightly scalded upper palate (coz I couldn’t wait to eat the hot lollys), I was as ready as you can realistically be, to take on Monday.

P.S: If you’re interested in being part of this experience in anyway, get in touch with Priyam on


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