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#HauteSounds: Shakira’s New Video Makes Us Want To Dance!

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The highly anticipated music video of La Bicicleta has finally hit the internet and we love it! The song itself, which released back in May, has been written and composed by Carlos Vives and Shakira. The video, directed by Jaume de Laiguana, has been shot in and around the coastal parts of Colombia and boy is it beautiful!

Forget about traffic jams and boring old city noises. Carlos and Shakira’s music video is a far cry from it all. They ditch the trappings of city life to hit the scenic beauty of their home country. From Santa Marta, Vives’ hometown, to Shakira’s hometown Barranquilla, the video is a journey of the two superstars as they ride bicycles, play a boisterous round of soccer and, of course, dance their hearts out!

Shakira is back with her signature sexy hip moves and we’re reminded why we love this Spanish songstress so much. Vives too looks boyishly handsome with his mane of curls swaying in the Colombian breeze. The natives are also a part of the video, making it look more realistic, vibrant, and colourful. They join the stars as they sing, dance and play, providing the entire video with a positive, warm and happy aura. Expect to see a lot of scenic beaches and lakes and get ready to experience a serious case of FOMO!

The video has already received over 19 million views since releasing last week. When you think about it, it’s not surprising. I’d sure watch it on loop!


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