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#HauteSounds: Kumail Hamid’s New Track Is Nothing Short Of Mesmerising

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If we make a list of the young, buzzing musicians that are making everyone groove to their tunes, Kumail Hamid would definitely be on it. This Mumbai-based 22-year-old boy’s latest track envelops you in a trance, within seconds of listening to it. Bottom Feeder might just be the change you’re looking for from the regular hip-hop beats.

Released exclusively on Rolling Stone India, this is one track you’ll be listening to on loop. One reason can be because it’s that good and the other is, frankly, you need to listen to it a few times before you grasp what the song is all about. Yet, everyone will have their own interpretation of it and that’s what Kumail was aiming for. Free-flowing music, soothing each person as they want, not bound to any meaning.

The track starts with drum beats, something that Kumail has recently started playing and wants to incorporate in his future work. In his 6 years of experimenting with different genres, he has now decided to stick to electric hip hop for a while. But when you hear the track, you will realise that it is unlike anything you’ve heard before. The beat escalates gradually, surprising us with every passing second. Definitely not your Friday night club scene, but more like a chilled sleepover with your buddies.

Come February, Kumail will release his next track with indie electronic label, Knowmad Records. Till then, listen to Bottom Feeder and transport yourself to the beach, beer in hand, here.


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