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Here Is Justin Bieber’s India Tour Itinerary And It Is Lavish AF!

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Okay, I may be wrong — lavish would be an understatement for this itinerary. But then, looking at Justin’s demands for the Mumbai leg of his Purpose Tour next week, this shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

His visit is going to last 5 days and the organisers have planned a grand experience for the popstar. If you were feeling bad about being a nobody, this itinerary may push you over the edge.

Anyhoo, keep scrolling and check out the gold-plated, diamond-studded, unicorn-sparkled, fairy-dusted itinerary, and then go eat some ice cream because you will need it. (Gosh, I’m such a drama queen, but still less than certain popstars)



Day 1 

After his performance in Dubai, he will fly down in his private jet, 2 days before the concert — so, May 8. He will be received by Arjun Jain, Founder and Managing Director of White Fox India, the man responsible for getting him to India in the first place.

Guess, Day 1 will be about dining like a king. Butlers are being flown in from Rajasthan to cook a lavish, maharaja-style cuisine for him. Traditional gold- and silver-plated thalis are being customised with Bieber’s name engraved on them, and his entourage’s names will also be embedded on the dinner plates in the Devanagari script. Eating in a normal plate is for plebs.

Flute and sarangi players will complete the aura of the dining experience and, just maybe, we will get to see Biebs in traditional clothes.

Day 2

The second day entails a city tour at all the key spots, like Gateway Of India, Kala Ghoda, Mani Bhavan, etc, followed by an Ayurvedic spa session, because the star loves massages. *heart emojis everywhere*

Also, since it is the Purpose Tour, he will go visit an underprivileged home that will be hosted by a film star or an industrialist. I may just roll my eyes into another dimension.

Day 3

Finally, the concert day. So, hopefully he’ll only be singing that day.

Day 4 & 5

Bye-bye Mumbai and hello Delhi, and maybe Jaipur, because authentic, elephant India is there, no? But Taj Mahal is a must.

PS: we know you didn’t need to know this, but this is a public service post only for you Beliebers!


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