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Instagram’s #StyleChallenge Is Trending And Here’s Why

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Challenges on the internet and on social media have become quite the rage. From the insane ice-bucket challenge to the inane black-and-white-photo challenge, your Facebook timeline is probably flooded with these. The latest to jump on to the bandwagon is 17-year-old Autumn Massaquoi from London, who started the #StyleChallenge on Instagram that celebrates art in a fun way!

It’s all about creating self portraits inspired by cartoons! Unsurprisingly, it’s gone viral in a matter of days with thousands of people uploading their #StyleChallenge posts. And we see no reason why you shouldn’t tap into your inner artist and take it up too! Always dreamt of being one of the Simpsons, Goofy or Courage the Cowardly Dog! Here’s your chance! Use your imagination, create a cartoon portrait of yourself and upload it on Instagram, like NOW!

Scroll down to view a few of of the contributions made my Instagram users!


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