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Don’t Freak Out But IHOP Is Coming To India!

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This just in — two months from now, IHOP will open its first outlet in India! Yep, you read that right; International House of Pancakes is going to join Cyber Hub’s list of amazing dining options and we can’t contain ourselves! Cyber hub is like the Mecca of everything cool happening in the capital, and there couldn’t be a better spot to welcome this iconic American diner to India. With more than 1,600 outlets across the globe, 2017 already seems better.

Breakfast done right, International House Of Pancakes serves up crepes, waffles, eggs, and some stellar pancakes (duh!). In fact, if anyone knows how to do pancakes right, it’s IHOP. Sweet nutmeg, cool peppermint, warm cinnamon are just a few of the varieties they offer. I know, we’re drooling too. But seriously, major brownie points to Gurgaon — we can’t think of a better reason to cross the border and brave the traffic. I think, Haryana just became a tad better.

You and I will have to wait just a little bit longer, though; they’re going to open only in a couple of months. Watch this space for more deets and, in the meantime, go celebrate with a stack of pancakes, obviously with a drizzle of maple syrup on the top. Yum.

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