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Here’s How I Am Dating A Guy I’ve Never Met!

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If you’re rubbing your eyes to check if you’ve read the title right then, I’ll save you the effort. It is a 100% true. I am actually dating a guy who I’ve never met. Not even once. Yes, you are thinking I should get my head checked. May be you are right.

Am I stupid? Possibly. Am I taking a risk? Maybe. Am I happy? Very. And is that what really matters?



There are probably a million questions racing through your mind right about now. The biggest one  – HOW DOES SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPEN?

Before I get into the interesting details, you need to know that I don’t  do this normally. I was a loyal part of the brigade who that would throw disgusting yet concerned looks  your way when you even mentioned ‘Tinder’.

But here I am. In an actual relationship with a guy many miles away. 1,202 miles to be precise.



It started quite randomly actually. We started talking on Instagram, and it was the easiest conversation I’ve had in a while. Before you judge me for my choices (I know you are!),  I don’t usually reply to guys on DMs. No, really! I don’t. In fact, there were deep and thorough stalking sessions and best friend approvals before I even gave the guy a chance.

And I’m glad I did.



Okay! Okay! I’m getting to the meaty part now. He stays in Dubai, and was in India for a wedding. While returning from Jaipur, he had a stopover in Mumbai. A rather persistent friend convinced him to download Tinder, and he found my profile.

What was I doing on the dating app? Well, that’s another story – I had downloaded it for work, and deleted it as soon as it was done. What I didn’t know was that my profile doesn’t get deleted from the app, even if the app is deleted from my phone. Also, my Tinder was connected to my Instagram. And that’s how he messaged me on Instagram. So yeah, it’s not as creepy as it may seem.

I want to say the rest is history but you’re probably too invested right now.



Right now, we talk all day, every day.

TBH, I was really, really scared. Sometimes I still am. I often replay scenes from Crime Patrol, Gumraah and other investigative series in my head, hoping I don’t end up becoming a ‘case’. My imagination often acts up putting thoughts like ‘ What if he is actually  a 60 year old uncle, smoking a pipe, and chatting away incessantly in a dark room in Yemen?’

But what gives me peace is the effort he puts in to make this work.

I know every little detail of his life. From what he is eating, to who he is with, down to what will he be doing next. All supported with legit images. I have virtually met his friends, family and colleagues. In fact, I feel like a part of his world already.

The best part though is I get to write letters, long e-mails, and just feel all loved up, all the time. If nothing works out, I have a pen friend for life! Though that’s not what I want.



Sure, my only wish currently is to meet him, and give validation to this thing we have going. To ensure that it’s real, and not a f*cked up dream.

Long distance is difficult. I’ve taken thousands of steps forward to be with someone who I’ve only texted, and spoken to. It’s bizarre but it feels right. That definitely counts for something.

I don’t know if there is a future with him. There is a possibility of me being murdered but hey, I’m quite adventurous. What I do know is that he has made life better, and easier. Not many people are able to do that. So, I’m going to stick around, and see how it goes!

Oh, and it helps that he’s good looking.



Until I finally meet him, I’m going to let social media be the savior of this relationship. If, for some reason you are also in this stormy boat, then drop me a message and we can chat.

Also, do let me know if you will be interested in knowing what happens next! I’m pretty sure this is full Bollywood movie material.


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