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Banish Those Monday Blues With These Funny Women Of Instagram

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The weekend has gone by in the blink of an eye and we’re all back to the daily grind of work, work, work. What’s more, with the rains having arrived, stepping out of the house has become a task. Muddy puddles, water sneaking under your umbrella…Ugh! Couple that with Monday and you know why I’m sounding so upbeat right now (not!).

But not anymore. Why? Because you can cheer yourself up by following these funny women of Instagram. These are some extremely talented young women illustrators, whose graphic art is perfect when it comes to cheering you up on a rainy day, or livening up your drab Monday. So take a break from that dreaded routine of yours and scroll on for some fun. You’ll definitely be smiling by the time you finish.


Bakchod Begum is the latest internet sensation. With her effortlessly witty memes, she’s managed to take the online world by storm. She uses the word “begum” in her name because she says that she was born that way. Sassy! She believes in being badass. Her humour is sarcasm at its best. As her byline says, she is brave, bakchod and besharam! Her illustrations will tickle your funny bone and have you smiling all through Monday!








Maria Qamar’s Hate Copy takes a hilarious dig at Indian stereotypes. Qamar previously worked in advertising and has been amassing tons of followers with her fresh and fun work on Instagram. She says that her work is “a take on Roy Lichtenstein’s graphic view mixed with current themes that revolve around the South Asian diaspora”. From exaggerated Bollywood exclamations of ‘Nahiii’  to typical aunties and their daughters-in-law, her illustrations are satirical as well as bold and spunky.





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Little Chintu been hangin with the wrong crew during recess ?

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A photo posted by Maria (@hatecopy) on


3. NEHA’S DOODLES (Noodles)

Neha Sharma’s Noodles is the cutest thing on the internet. After spending some precious time trying to complete her C.A., Neha finally realised that the world of numbers wasn’t for her. She had her heart set on doodling and illustrating. That’s what she does best and we agree! By using a lot of colours in her work, she can make even the most mundane objects, like a coffee cup, come to life. If you’re feeling a little blue, take a look at Neha’s illustrations. A definite mood booster!


Tomorrow is Mother’s day. So what special are you doing for her? I am planning to clean my room ? (maybe)

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Drawing on Shopping bags again. ??

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A photo posted by : {NOODLES} ? (@neha.doodles) on


Angel Bedi, a.k.a. The Filmy Owl, is super popular on Instagram. She says that as a child she took to sketching even before she could talk! A graduate from NIFT, Angel worked at Happily Unmarried for a brief period before realising that she wanted to create and sketch for herself. That led to the birth of The Filmy Owl. Her illustrations are super creative, quirky and fun.


Watercolor days

A photo posted by T H E F I L M Y O W L (@thefilmyowl) on

Always in my bubble ! ✨ ? ✨ #thefilmyowl #unicornisland

A photo posted by T H E F I L M Y O W L (@thefilmyowl) on

My new year eve plans ??! Hmmm ? any guesses ? #TheFilmyOwl

A photo posted by T H E F I L M Y O W L (@thefilmyowl) on

The pareshaan aatma company ! #thepuglife tag ur favorite pugjeet singh or puginder kaur ! ? #thefilmyowl

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