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These Cute AF Relationship Illustrations Will Make Your Heart Melt

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We’ll admit it. Apps were starting to make it look like everyone was out for a hook up and the dreaded four-letter word, ‘love’ was tossed into a dark corner.  So obviously, you’ll understand that it was all starting to look very dreary for relationships and romances. Then, Sarah Graley went ahead and reinstated our faith in love. The UK-based illustrator has started a series of web comics that aptly depict what a couple in a long term, comfortable, and real relationship goes through.

It’s an autobiographical series revolving around her every day life with her boyfriend, Stef, and four super adorable cats — Toby, Pixel, Wilson, and Pesto. Whether it’s intense dinner conversations about pizza or sorting out priorities between partner and cats, this series will definitely make you go ‘awww’. And ROFL, all at the same time.

Scroll down to see a few of the illustrations, and then instantly get hooked. It’s not even a challenge. You will get addicted.

Oh, the comic book is also available on Kindle, so if you really, really love it then purchase it here – Our Super Adventure.

Do not read this if you are single. Fine, be the rebel. We warned you though.













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