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15 Of The Weirdest Jobs That Actually Exist

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You know, all of us have a dream job when we’re growing up, whether it’s to be a doctor (you saw that coming, didn’t you?) or just travelling around the world while getting paid. But most of us don’t end up doing what our childhood self would like.

On the flip side, there are people who have jobs that sound too good to be true, but actually are. And even though they may not have been our #JobGoals when we were in school, they definitely are our adult career fantasies.

Confused? Scroll down and see what some people do for a living. And here I thought my job was fun.

Also, this only goes to show that the phrase “you can be whoever you want to be” is actually true and quite achievable.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

1. Ice-cream, Candy, Chocolate Tester

All  ‘sweet’ companies have positions for people to try out different flavours of ice-creams and candy, to tell them whether they work or not. Their job is to quality check the products.

A chance to live like Charlie from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and a few inches on the waist (which are anyway there)? I’m so in.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

2. Private Island Caretaker

There are private islands for sale or rent on this planet, and till the time they get their owners, your job will be to babysit them. Basically, live on the island, write about it, and get paid. Yeah.

The Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef had one such job opening and out of the 35,000 people who applied, only one got chosen. Now that’s what I call being the ‘chosen one’.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

3. High Journalist

So in the parts of the world where marijuana is legal, there are certain people called weed journalists. Their job? Getting high and writing about it. Also, there are those who specialise in even niche zones, like getting high and having sex, and then writing about it.

And they earn shitloads. Don’t believe me? Check it out here. Then you wonder why everyone is moving to the other side of the world?


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

4. Luxury Bed Tester

Mattress and furniture companies hire people to sleep and test their products for quality. They have people who review their beds. People are getting paid for a good night’s sleep. What am I doing with my life? No, really.

Now do you get the reference for the image on top?


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

5. Fortune Cookie Writer

Someone, of course, writes them! Who would have thought about that as a career!


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

6. Lego Builder

In Legoland around the globe, there are sculptors who build legos for a living. If you want to be one, all you have to do is upload a video of you making a creative piece and send it to them. There are only 30 people who do this job, so it’s tough competition.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

7. Water Slide Tester

There is a guy who is doing this and travelling the world just to visit resorts, and test and approve their water slides. Speed, comfort, height — there are many parameters that need to be checked out, and he does just that.

Of course, medical assistance is free and so are the plane tickets.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

8. Panda Nanny

In China, there is some serious competition to be a panda keeper and we all know why! Who wants to be a babysitter when you can play with ’em cute pandas, all day, erryday?


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

9. Netflix Tagger

People are given hundreds of dollars a week to binge-watch movies and segregate them into different categories. They watch movies and tag them.

Basically, what all of us do every day anyway.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

10. Professional Cuddler

Apart from hiring fake boyfriends and taking an escort to a wedding as a date, in Japan you can even hire someone who you can cuddle with. Mind you, just cuddle.

I imagine what their resume must be like — we are warm and fuzzy.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

11. Pet Food Taster

If you love your pets and don’t want them to eat unhealthy, you are born to be a pet food tester. Food critic is so last century.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

12. Condom Reviewer

In 2007, Durex had launched a recruitment campaign to find one, and I don’t need to tell you what the JD was.

Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

13. Video Game Tester

They play games for a living and even if that means you have to play a particular one over and over again, it is pretty darn cool.

Also, I can totally justify this with the IGN boys, who sit right behind me at work. Yes, the jealousy levels are at an all-time high always, but they are sweet, so I let it go.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

14. Professional Mourners

If you can cry at the drop of a hat, well then, go ahead and earn bucks for doing it. Oh, I think I have finally found my calling.


Cool Jobs Around The World_Hauterfly

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