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5 Bollywood Actresses Who Redefine Feminism For Indian Women

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Bollywood actresses are more than just the sum of all their movies, parties, and airport looks. Some of the women working in the industry had to make their way up without a Godfather or financial support. Many of them decided to walk a path that wasn’t considered the norm, and, for that, we are proud of them.

If someone has to bring a change in society, I reckon there are no better names than these actresses that people actually look up to. Here are five women who changed the face of feminism in India and are continuing to do so!



‘Stay Unfair, Stay Beautiful’ is a campaign started by veteran actress Nandita Das, whose aim is to change the mindset of people who think that dark is ugly. She has often spoken out against this baseless ideology, and has made it a point to ensure that being dark is not considered a disadvantage.



At the age of 25, former Miss Universe and bonafide Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen decided to adopt a girl child. She fought a long and hard legal battle to adopt her first daughter, as it wasn’t ‘socially acceptable’ for an unmarried woman in her 20s to adopt a child. In 2010, she adopted another daughter, Alisah.



Kalki is my #WCW, hands down! Since her entry into Bollywood, she has made so many people fall in love with her. She has strong views on feminism (remember the video Rape: It’s Your Fault?) and has carved a niche for herself in the industry. She actively promotes female empowerment, and uses social media as a tool to spread awareness about issues related to women.



Neena Gupta was in a relationship with West Indies’ cricketer Vivian Richards in the ’90s and conceived a child out of wedlock. At that time, her family and friends asked her not to continue with the pregnancy, but she made a decision to keep her child and raise her as a single mother. Three decades later, Masaba Gupta is a celebrated designer and a social influencer that young women look up to.



If there is one actress who does not care what the world thinks of her, it is the unabashedly outspoken Kangana Ranaut. She made a place for herself in Bollywood without a Godfather, and has always spoken up about how she was mocked because of poor English-speaking skills. Well, it’s in the face of the haters because she made it a point to become a better version of herself, and see how well she is doing for herself!


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