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10 Short Films You Can Watch This Long Weekend

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Once again, a long weekend has come our way and, once again, we make a million plans, but end up staying in bed, staring at the ceiling with unconcealed passion.

But it’s time you take a break from counting the cracks on the wall and do something a little more productive.

Something that doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your mattress, of course! Confused?

Well, this weekend, instead of going out and splurging unnecessarily, sit at home and binge-watch some fantastic short films.

And collectively, these will take up about 2 hours of your weekend, so you have ample time left to waste.

And you can watch them right here, right now, while reading this article! Just plug in your ear phones and hit play!


1. Bypass

This 2003 movie by Amit Kumar is set in Rajasthan and stars ace actors Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the leads. It is old, yes, but is a shot of gold, as this 15-minute film doesn’t have dialogues or subtitles, and solely relies on the magic of cinematography and acting to work wonders — which is exactly what it does.

A little different from what we are used to watching, this one will open up the box of good cinema to you.


2. Bloodrop

A sci-fi venture by Alexei Popogrebsky, this 2011 6-minute movie will show you how reality may not be perfect, but neither is the dream world. Russian cinema at its short best, right here.

Maybe Interstellar in a small package?


3. Ahalya

Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, Radhika Apte gives an award-winning, goosebumps-inducing performance in this Bengali short film. In 14 minutes, you see the epic Ramayana take a modern, conceptualised turn.

If you are looking for a quick thriller to knock you off your senses, this one is IT.


4. Splitscreen: A Love Story

Shot on a mobile phone, Splitscreen is literally less than 3 minutes long. James Griffiths simultaneously takes you through the day of 2 people, and ends with them meeting.

It is cute, heartwarming, and beautifully thought and shot.


5. Aakhri Sawari

Directed by Divyajot Singh, this one keeps the suspense on till the very end. A perfectly normal husband and father, Manish is going through a life crisis and shares his woes with a cab driver. How the driver helps him will shock you.

Dramatic for sure, but worth a watch.


6. Alma

Alma is a short horror movie that is animated. Never thought cartoons could be scary? This movie will prove you so wrong, and that too, in 5 minutes.


7. Interior Cafe Night

When Nasseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel act, you can’t help but watch. This movie is all about love, conversations, and a reunion in a quaint little cafe. In the mood for some warmth? Go ahead and click the play button!


8. Kheer

From the house of Terribly Tiny Tales comes this heartfelt story that rewrites the beautiful emotion of love for many. Anupam Kher is at his best, this film just goes to show how a talented artist can create magic is less than 6 minutes.


9. Room 8

What happens when a prisoner is given room no. 8, which contains a mystery box that may or may not help him escape? Another genius one by James Griffith, this one is an optical illusion.


10. White Shirt

There’s no such things as too many relationship stories, right? One of the more recent short films, White Shirt stars Kunal Kapoor and Kritika Kamra, and after watching this film, you’ll wonder why they aren’t given more projects, because frankly, they are brilliant.

Also, this is the longest one by far — 18 minutes.


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