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Netflix Ropes In Aditi Mittal To Say What Others Won’t Let Her!

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Earlier this year, we were introduced to the ambitious project by Amazon Prime Videos, the Comedy Specials series with the country’s top comedians…and the controversies started. It was deemed as a male-centric project with no women onboard whatsoever.



Picking up on that, Netflix has played well and roped in Aditi Mittal, one of India’s most popular stand-up comedians, to do her own 61-minute long comedy special. Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say will be a power-packed performance that will be streamed globally on July 18, 2017.

Now since y’all are here, let’s clear some stuff up. The Amazon Prime Video project was a tie up with OML, which is a celebrity management company that handles most (not all) comedians, and it didn’t have any female stand-up comedians on its roster.

Before you say anything, yes, it does have Mallika Dua and Kaneez Surka, but they are sketch artists and don’t do stand-up. Yup, drastically different. And Sumukhi Suresh was busy with other work and hence couldn’t give her dates for this.




Then Anupama Chopra held a panel with 6 comedians — 5 men and Aditi — and the issue of comedy being a male-dominated space in our country was brought up again and, of course, Aditi won the argument.

Because it really is. We have less female presence, but that’s slowly changing as these ladies are doing some seriously kickass work. They inspire us daily and manage to make us smile as much as the men do on a shitty day.

After Aziz Ansari, Hasan Minhaj, and Vir Das (again male-centric space, no?), this stand-up special by Aditi will be a breath of fresh air. CANNOT WAIT FOR IT!

Also, a mini shout out to the amazing social team at Netflix India for killing it with their responses to haters! Well done.






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