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Singer Kanika Kapoor Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus. While This Is Truly Sad, We Have To Call Her Out On Her Stupidity

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Wherever you go right now, people are only talking about one thing- coronavirus. The deadly pandemic that is eating our world from the inside out. There are a lot of rumours and theories as to where the reason behind this outbreak is, so we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that it all began in Wuhan, China and quickly ended up spreading all around the world.

So far, the Coronavirus has infected 245,700 people and has claimed the lives of over 10,000 people. Right now, the scariest place on earth to be is Italy or anywhere in Europe actually. Though if you think about, India isn’t in the best shape either. We have over 200 confirmed cases and most of our country is gearing up for a lockdown. I think it is high time people understand that this is an international medical emergency and our actions could have consequences on hundreds of other people.

Okay, the reason I am giving you’ll these is that we’ve had our first Bollywood case today. Yep, a prominent singer has been tested positive for coronavirus. Kanika Kapoor who returned to the country on 15th March from a trip to the UK has tested positive.

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She took to her social media to announce her test results and symptoms. Her post read, “For the past 4 days I have had signs of flu, I got myself tested and it came positive for Covid-19. My family and I are in complete quarantine now and following medical advice on how to move forward. Contact mapping of people I have been in touch with is underway as well. I was scanned at the airport as per normal procedure 10 days ago when I came back home. The symptoms have developed only four days ago. At this stage I would like to urge you all to practice self-isolation and get tested if you have the signs.”

She further added “I am feeling ok, like a normal flu and a mild fever. However, we need to be sensible citizens at this time and think of all around us. We can get through this without panic only if we listen to the experts and our local, state and central government directives. Wishing everyone good health.”

The Baby Doll singer has been admitted to the King George’s Medical University (KGMU) hospital in Lucknow and is being kept in an isolation ward. She is one of the four people who tested positive in Uttar Pradesh.

While it is very sad that Kanika has tested positive, I can’t help but condemn her ignorance. Not only did she refrain from telling the authorities about her recent travel history but also when she arrived in Lucknow, she also threw an extravagant party for her friends and family and a five-star hotel.

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This means that she brought the virus back from the UK and instead of practicing social distancing and self-isolation like the rest of the world, she decided it was a good time to party and endanger tons of lives. Apparently, there were politicians, bureaucrats and socialites in attendance at that party. But the fact that she was carrying the virus means that not only the guests, but every single person present in that hotel runs the risk of having coronavirus.

According to reports, medical officials are now confused about what method to pursue to quarantine all the people in that building and subject the guests of the party to tests.

Celebrity or not, COVID 19 is not going to distinguish. We are all equally susceptible to having a highly contagious infection. Which is why we can’t afford to be as lax as Kanika was about this. First of all, she shouldn’t have stayed in the UK for so long, to begin with knowing the condition Europe is in right now. Secondly, after she came back, she should’ve informed the authorities immediately and not waited to develop symptoms. And thirdly, despite knowing that she has returned from a destination that is seriously contaminated right now, I fail to understand why she would throw a party and risk everyone to this virus. She created a playground for the virus and now god knows how many people must’ve been infected.

Guys, this is a pandemic. I know the symptoms match the flu, but this isn’t like spreading a cold around. If you feel sick or have returned from a foreign country, please do the smart thing and practice social distancing, self-quarantine yourself and get checked without delay.

We can beat this if we take some responsibility.

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